Los Angeles Tree Professionals Completes Complicated Tree Removal and Turns Logs Into Firewood

August 31 08:33 2022


Los Angeles, California – When Peter Weeks invited Los Angeles Tree Professionals to his landscape, all he expected was a tree removal procedure. However, the homeowner ended up enjoying a safe tree removal procedure and firewood that he could use for heating in the winter season.


“The family had not worked with Los Angeles Tree Professionals before,” said Peter Weeks. “The family had been working with local teams that did not seem to have much experience. This, however, was because the family had not had a complicated procedure that needed advanced skills to complete safely.”

“Yesterday, however,” added Peter, “the family had to handle a complicated tree that was standing next to the house and was in a very narrow space and featured a significant risk of causing property damage. To reduce the risk of spending thousands on property repairs after the tree removal procedure, the family had to look for an experienced team to work with.”

Peter noted that his research started in his neighborhood before shifting online. He said that he talked to several homeowners who had improved their trees recently to understand the team they had worked with.

“The neighbors mentioned Los Angeles Tree Professionals severally,” said Peter. “This indicated that the company had satisfied their needs. The family decided to go ahead and research the company on the internet to see the results the company had generated for other homeowners.”

When doing his research on the internet, Peter was reportedly surprised when he realized that the company had generated impressive results for thousands of homeowners. On its Google My Business page, the company had dozens of positive testimonials from impressed homeowners.

To see how Los Angeles Tree Professionals ensures its clients are happy, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/los-angeles-tree-professionals-turns-wood-into-firewood-after-a-tree-removal-procedure.

The homeowner reportedly checked the company’s website to understand how long the company had been operating. The goal was to find a team that had decades of experience. Los Angeles Tree Professionals ticked all the boxes that Peter had when he realized the team had been offering its services for more than 25 years.

“The family contacted the company yesterday at around 5 pm,” said Peter. “The team still managed to send a professional to analyze the tree and provide a cost estimate. The company’s cost for the project turned out to be more affordable than everyone had expected it to be.”

Peter noted that Los Angeles Tree Professionals arrived on his landscape earlier today to handle the tree removal procedure. The company reportedly brought the tree down foot by foot.

“The tree stood in a very narrow spot,” said Peter. “Dropping the tree whole would have resulted in property damage. After bringing the tree down, the company went ahead and pulled out the tree stump together with the roots. The goal was to ensure that the family could plant a new tree in the same spot.”

Peter was surprised to learn that the company was not done after pulling out the stump. The company had reportedly noticed that Peter utilized firewood for heating purposes. This prompted the company to go ahead and turn the wood generated by the procedure into firewood.

“The family was expecting to be charged extra for the firewood and stump removal,” said Peter. “Surprisingly, the company had already included the cost of all these services in the quotation provided yesterday. The family was so impressed with the results that it will keep using the company’s services—the results were much better than anything the family had experienced in the past.”

Los Angeles Tree Professionals’ base of operation sits at 1033 S Concord St Los Angeles, CA, 90023. The company, however, can be contacted at 323-714-3990 and [email protected]

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