Leander Tree Experts Restores Sycamore’s Aesthetic Appeal After 35 Years of No Service

August 31 08:21 2022


Leander, Texas – A company that has made a name for itself in Leander and the neighboring areas by offering the best tree trimming services, Leander Tree Experts has helped a homeowner restore the beauty and appearance of a sycamore tree that had gone for 35 years without any care. According to the homeowner, the team of tree cutting professionals from Leander Tree Experts did a job so impressive that he felt compelled to write a very positive testimonial for the company.


“The sycamore has been on this landscape for more than 100 years,” said James Lowe while explaining his experience working with Leander Tree Experts. “Within that period, the tree had managed to grow to a height of about 96 feet and a spread of the same size. This was probably one of the reasons a large group of tree service providers always avoided working on the tree.”

The homeowner noted that in addition to the tree having a huge size, it stood next to several vital utilities.

“The tree did not just have a big height and a large width,” added James. “The tree was also standing next to the garage, with its huge limbs spreading over the roof. This meant that during tree trimming, the removed branches could not be allowed to fly down freely. Allowing the branches to fly down freely could have meant allowing extensive damage to occur on the roof of the garage.”

James mentioned that he had to talk to his friends to find a team that could safely trim the sycamore tree. His goal was to find a team to work with irrespective of the cost they would end up charging. As one of the neighbors told reporters, the homeowner was tired of waking up every day to an ugly-looking sycamore tree that did not add any aesthetic appeal to the landscape.

“It was funny how every neighbor the family talked to suggested working with Leander Tree Experts,” said James. “Each of the neighbors seemed to have worked with the company at some point and enjoyed the results the company had generated on their landscape.”

To see how Leander Tree Expertsensures its clients are happy at all times, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/leander-tree-experts-helps-homeowner-avoid-extreme-roof-damage-with-quick-emergency-tree-removal.

“The first neighbor mentioned that she had used the company for an emergency tree removal procedure,” said James. “The company impressed her when they responded to her request in less than an hour even though she called the office at around 10 pm. The second neighbor mentioned that the company had handled tree pruning, helping him save an oak tree that was suffering from a disease. With these testimonials coming from neighbors who had good-looking curbs, the family decided to go ahead and hire Leander Tree Experts.”

James noted that after calling the Leander Tree Experts customer service office, the company sent someone to his landscape immediately to asses the tree and provide an estimate for the tree improvement procedure. James was impressed with the affordable cost estimate provided and he went ahead to hire the company.

“The team of tree cutting professionals did not waste any time,” said James. “The team arrived on the landscape an hour after the cost estimation. They used a bucket truck and a crane to improve the sycamore. The branches were slowly lowered down using a rope to eliminate the risk of property damage. While the family has not written a testimonial for a tree care company before, Leander Tree Experts will get a 5-star rating for its impressive job.”

Leander Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1715 W Whitestone Blvd, Leander, TX 78641, United States. Homeowners interested in the company’s services can reach the company at +1 512-980-1748 and [email protected]

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