Jacksonville Tree Service Experts Safely Removes a 70-Foot Storm-Damaged Maple Tree

August 31 08:15 2022


Jacksonville, Florida – After a storm damaged one of the trees standing on Roy’s landscape, the homeowner knew he had to look for a tree care company to handle the tree removal procedure.


“The maple tree was a center of attention during the spring and summer,” said Roy. “The tree changed the landscape with its appeal of different colors. The goal, if the family was asked, would have been to keep the tree on the landscape. However, the fact that the tree had suffered irreparable damage meant it had to go. This would eliminate the risk of property damage and injury and create room for a new healthy tree. The only issue hanging over the family’s head is not knowing a team that could handle the tree removal procedure safely without causing property damage.”

Roy knew that he could not use the regular teams considering the tree was standing in an extra risky position. He went ahead and decided to talk to his friends and figure out if there was a more experienced team that could bring down the tree without causing property damage.

“The first neighbor the family talked to mentioned Jacksonville Tree Service Experts as the best company for risky tree removal procedures,” said Roy. “He mentioned that he had used the company severally on trees that were leaning over his house. He noted that the company had the best tools to bring down the largest trees without causing any harm to the neighboring utilities.”

Roy reportedly called Jacksonville Tree Service Experts after learning about its experience from his neighbor. He was impressed by how quickly the company answered his call. The company sent a team of tree removal experts to his landscape immediately.

To see how Jacksonville Tree Service Experts makes tree maintenance procedures safe, read the company’s story here: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/jacksonville-tree-service-experts-partners-with-a-new-machines-repairing-company.

“From the way, the family had mentioned the tree removal procedure to Jacksonville Tree Service Experts,” said Roy, “the company’s team took it as a risky procedure that needed immediate attention. The company was here less than an hour after the call—this was despite having called the company at around 4 pm.”

Roy noted that he later came to learn that Jacksonville Tree Service Experts offers emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis. He also noted that the company always maintained an affordable price for emergency tree services since these are usually unexpected and often find the homeowner without money set aside.

“The company brought advanced tools that the family had never known were necessary during a tree removal procedure,” said Roy. “One of the first tools that caught the family’s attention is the crane. What’s more, the company brought a bucket truck.”

Roy noted that the company initiated the tree removal procedure with tree pruning. The company reportedly used the bucket truck to reach the crown and remove all the branches on it.

“The company’s head of field operations mentioned that this procedure was necessary as it would help reduce the space the tree would occupy when it came down,” said Roy. “After the tree pruning, the company attached the tree in the stable positions to the crane. The goal of doing this was to ensure the tree did not end up falling in the wrong direction—the family’s main house was just a few feet away and even the slightest mistake could have resulted in property damage.”

Roy was impressed when Jacksonville Tree Service Experts ground the stump and cleaned the landscape after the tree removal procedure. He noted he would keep using the company’s services.

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts’ base of operation is located at 14382 Pelican Bay Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 904-867-3524 and [email protected]

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