Introducing TourMega, The World’s First AI-Powered Meta-Search Engine to Find and Compare Tours and Activities

August 31 02:36 2022
TourMega is a search engine for tours, trips and activities making it easy to compare multiple options from real people’s experiences

The outbreak of COVID-19 in the fall of 2019 brought about an unprecedented season that claimed the lives of people around the world. To curb the spread of the virus, a global lockdown was observed which crippled businesses, organizations, governments, and various sectors of human endeavor. One of the many areas affected by the global lockdown was the travel and tourism industry. The industry became nonfunctional as trips were canceled and people could no longer visit the places they wanted. As the lockdown eases, things are gradually returning to normal and the travel and tourism industry is gaining traffic with people resuming their travel engagements and activities.

Spurred by a desire to provide a first-of-its-kind innovation for the travel industry, TourMega was launched. TourMega is the world’s first AI-powered meta-search engine which gives people looking for a travel destination the best picks, allowing them to compare different places based on actual user experiences. The search engine also helps them decide what activities they should engage in when they visit a place based on recommendations by other users. It saves users the time of having to search for things to do and places to visit when they travel.

According to Quynh Pham, the CEO and Co-Founder of TourMega, “People spend a lot of time researching on Google to look for activities for their dream vacation, but it is difficult to achieve this and they can easily spend countless hours doing this.”

TourMega is the largest tours and activities search engine. With over 300,000 activities in 190+ countries and 5000+ cities, the search engine offers the most inventory at the lowest cost, and flexible search to help users book an unforgettable experience for their trip. Using AI technology, TourMega recommends the right activities with a high affinity for users based on their travel interests. It also collects travel data from different sites and generates a unique set of routes to help with trip planning processes.

“Our chatbot learns about our users based on their travel behaviors, interacts with them directly on their trips, and answers questions they might have,” continued Quynh. “While both our competitors and TourMega offer tours and activities booking platforms, they are indirect competitors because they are marketplaces that work with and recruit tour guides directly. We are a search engine that aggregates all the inventory into our platform via API access and provides a machine learning feature to recommend specific tours based on interests and behavior.”

People looking for tourist attractions, day tours, activities, and fun things to do in a location will find TourMega very handy. TourMega’s customers not only include tourists but also include supply partners that provide activities suggestions and the platform allows any traveler to book an activity as a direct consumer. The company also works with distribution partners who help resell its products via its API integration, affiliate links, and easy-to-install widgets. These partners include airlines, car rental companies, vacation rental companies, AirBnB hosts, hotels, Uber/Lyft drivers, hotel guest apps, travel influencers, bloggers, travel OTAs (online travel agencies), and much more.

About TourMega

TourMega is the largest search engine in the world dedicated to tours and activities. The CEO, Quynh Pham, a world traveler who is a serial entrepreneur with a technology background, realized there isn’t a centralized place where you can search and compare the tours and activities. From Japan to San Francisco, passing by Paris, TourMega features over 300,000 tours, activities, museums, restaurants, transportation services, and more.

In just a few clicks, travelers can book unique experiences from their computers and mobile devices. For more information, please visit or email [email protected]

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