Nemen Michel Terc Offers Sigmund Freud A Tribute With His Latest Release.

August 31 06:15 2022
Nemen Michel Terc Offers Sigmund Freud A Tribute With His Latest Release.

The book is certainly not about the psychoanalytical theory. It mostly bases itself on the objectives of a child who grew up a little too quickly. The name suggests the contents which lie within the book “Memoir of a Precocious Child.” This book talks about the intimate experiences a twelve-year-old child faces in the first seven years of his life.

The author who has based it on himself is unknown except to Nemen. He is addressed as an individual going through those experiences but has refused to use his actual name.

The book very prominently talks about the intimate experiences a child goes through in order to reach a certain high. The erotic thoughts that he relates to real-life experiences. The book also hints that these experiences are not very vile concepts, yet those that everyone goes through at certain points in life without actually realizing it.

The book clearly mentions that their literary skills may not have been as great at that point in life; however, being the bright young individual they were, they refused to let time pass by without documenting their feelings. They mention that if they did let this time pass, they wouldn’t have been able to document their unpressurized opinion at that moment. The rawness that comes with such a tender age is something that they appreciate in themselves. These uncensored experiences are what help discuss the complexities they faced during their childhood.

“I want to remind everyone that intimate pleasure appears in our bodies, ready to please us like the genius of Aladdin. I present the story of my intimate adventures during my golden childhood as a testimony of the grace and generosity that nature bestowed upon me at birth. The intensity of intimate delight is a way to transcend the fact we are creatures of flesh and blood. I want these memories to testify that from birth onward, our bodies are a bonanza of pleasures and delights.”

The manuscript’s author is a student and friend of Nemen Michel Terc. He has used the same language he did as a child and wanted his experiences to be as true as they were in real life. The ending note in this novel wants to mention how these times from his childhood were something he appreciated and would like to change the opinion of the general public from it being something disgusting to it being an experience that educates the next generations.

About The Author

Nemen Michel Terc is a retired nuclear scientist and a psychologist who wants to admire the world with a deeper understanding. He not only has one but multiple other books published under his name. All of which discuss serious matters in a rather humorous tone.

An empathetic human who has found his way through life and has influenced more people to do the same. He helps his readers understand how common it is to feel intimate desries even at a young age. 

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