Actor-entrepreneur Canaan Dewey launches exclusive men’s wellness herbal tea blend designed for optimum masculine health

August 31 06:06 2022
GENTLEMN Co.™ by Canaan Dewey is a new men’s wellness brand that has recently launched a special herbal wellness tea mix that has proven to improve vitality and overall health.

Los Ángeles, CA – August 31, 2022 – While acting will always be his first love, Canaan Dewey is also passionate about exploring other areas of life and living, such as wellness. In that light, the leading actor-cum-entrepreneur is pleased to announce the launch of his new wellness brand, GENTLEMN Co.™, that aims to be the one-stop solution for men’s wellness and optimal men’s health. 

Made for gentlemen and by gentlemen, the new wellness company has just launched its first product, namely, Adam’s Leaf – 28 Day Men’s Blend. It’s a uniquely designed herbal tea blend that has been especially crafted to boost up masculine health. The tea-blend houses a safe and proven all-natural composition that claims to bring transformative effects  on men’s health, vitality, and fitness with one cup every day.  

“At GENTLEMN Co.™, our mission is to empower men to achieve optimum wellness and good health. Our debut product, Adam’s Leaf – 28 Day Men’s Blend, is a  unique wellness 100% natural tea blend that has proven to boost up energy and vitality to greater heights. We are extremely particular about adhering to 100% natural products to ensure holistic and safe health without side effects”, stated Canaan. 

While there is no dearth of wellness blends around, what keeps Adam’s Leaf – 28 Day Men’s Blend ahead of the curve is its star ingredients. The wellness tea has been developed with a special formula of  selected ingredients including Black Maca, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali Root, Polypodium Vulgare, Tribulus Terrestris, and more.  Each of these ingredients here has proven to offer numerous health benefits. 

“Developed based on extensive research, our Adam’s Leaf – 28 Day Men’s Blend introduces a highly potent mix that will elevate your life and lifestyle with excellent health benefits – and that too without unwanted side effects. All you would have to do here is to drink one cup daily and you will be able to witness a major transformation in your health over time.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind the company, Canaan mentioned about his recent diagnosis of high blood pressure. He shared that men, especially men of color, are usually on high blood medication – especially due to historical exposure to poor eating habits given their typical geographical and economic situation. GENTLEMN Co.™ is driven by the ethos to change that order and for better by introducing curated natural wellness products to men that have proven to improve health, wellness, and fitness.

“The contemporary American diet system, coupled with the trend of couch-potato, is pushing many adult men to serious ailments. At GENTLEMN Co.™, we are determined to change the system by encouraging and guiding our fellow men to take control of their health- even if it starts with just one cup of tea a day.”

GENTLEMN Co.™ also offers articles and posts on men’s wellness on the official website. 

“We will not only support you with wellness products but also with wellness guides, resources, expert tips, and articles to help you carve out the right trajectory – as per your specific wellness needs.” 

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