Terra Design Offers Living Moss Walls in Canada

August 31 05:18 2022
Terra Design is a dependable firm that specializes in the installation and design of indoor moss walls and other biophilic designs for residential and commercial clients in Canada.

Terra Design, one of the best interior design companies in Canada, provides sustainable and stylish designs for both residential and commercial clients. One of their most popular features is moss walls, which can be installed in any room to add a splash of life and vibrance. Moss is known for its many benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing stress levels. Terra Design is committed to providing beautiful, eco-friendly designs that will enhance the lives of its clients.

In response to a query, Terra Design’s spokesperson said. “At Terra Design, we firmly think that biophilic design can improve our lives and promote psychological and emotional health. You’re more likely to feel revitalized and alive when our biophilic designs are installed in your homes and workplaces because of their deodorization and air filtration capabilities.”

Terra Design, a Canadian company, specializing in sustainable design, has introduced a new moss living wall design that is not only beautiful but also helps promote environmental sustainability. The moss walls are made with biodegradable felt and use very little water, making them an attractive and ecologically responsible option for both homes and businesses. With the increasing popularity of green building practices, Terra Design’s moss walls are sure to be a welcome addition to the Canadian landscape. Those who are looking for details or the cost of moss green wall in Canada should visit Terra Design’s official website for further information.

The spokesperson further added. “We work with our clients to find sustainable ways to incorporate natural materials into their spaces. Additionally, designers and business clients earn LEED credits.”

Terra Design is the first company of its kind in Canada and is committed to promoting sustainable practices that benefit both people and the environment. The company has been specializing in moss living wall design for over a decade and believes that by creating living walls made of natural materials, they can help reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Terra Design’s moss walls are not only beautiful but also improve air quality, provide insulation, and reduce noise levels. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Terra Design is also dedicated to providing top-quality customer service and innovative solutions.

About Terra Design

Terra Design, a top interior design firm, specializes in Biophilic designs, including preserved moss green walls and living walls. The company’s professionals have extensive experience in the field of architecture and believe that bringing nature indoors can have a positive impact on people’s health and well-being.

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