The CEO of Redford Exchange first talked about his views on Defi, NFT, DEX, and the ecological benefits of the exchange

August 30 15:21 2022

Recently, Redford, a derivative cryptocurrency exchange established in the United States, has become famous in the industry. Its exchange and ecological related content have been reported by many well-known international media. According to incomplete statistics, since the announcement of Redford’s expansion of the market Afterwards, it has been reported by nearly 2,000 large and small media, including Brazil, Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, India, Indonesia, etc. Covering almost 70% of the world’s countries and regions, based on such a hot market in Redford, Redford Exchange CEO-John Casper was interviewed, and for the first time publicly discussed his views on the future of the cryptocurrency market and the exchange’s recent platform situation and ecological welfare,


CEO John Casper said: “In the 21st century, we are no longer unfamiliar with Bitcoin. With the recognition of institutional investors, its position in the crypto world is comparable to that of gold. Looking back on the cryptocurrency market in 2021, DeFi market capitalization and the rise of DEX Very eye-catching. The total market value of DeFi sector projects increased by 382%, reaching a total market value of 95.7 billion US dollars. DEX trading volume increased by 2.5 times, and the total amount of lending also increased by 3 times. DeFi has shown strong resilience and Sustainability. And the multi-chain paradigm driven by defi continues to prevail. Although Ethereum is still the king of the application public chain, many projects are trying to avoid the rising cost of the Ethereum network, exploring alternatives and new users. Adopting multi-chain solutions The number of projects in the programme will continue to grow.

In this interview, John Casper also expressed his views on the NFT field, which will achieve explosive growth in 2021, with a total market value of $27.9 billion, accounting for 10% of global art market sales. For any blockchain project that wants to stand out in the future, NFT-related features or service functions may become standard.”

Ecological benefits of Redford:

In Redford’s ecological layout, a very critical part is its professional planning team. For projects that want to be listed on the platform, Reford will provide one-to-one planning services for them, including the concept of the listed projects. The formulation of business model programs, the suggestion of operation programs, and the formulation of community growth programs. This professional service will become Reford’s core competitiveness in the future.

As planned, the planning team has completed the listing of three projects this month, namely the new crown insurance concept token CNC, the quantum communication token QTC and the integrated circuit concept IDC. At present, CNC and QTC have been listed, and IDC has been completed. The project has been sorted out and will be exclusively launched on the Redford Exchange in the near future. Looking forward to IDC’s good results at Redford.

As far as we know, QTC and CNC have always had good results from the pre-sale to the launch. Since the launch, it has always been a positive rise. The redford exchange market shows that the 24-hour volume is as high as 100 million. The success of QTC and CNC is undoubtedly It is the most positive affirmation of Redford’s strategic planning, and it also increases Redford’s confidence.

The CEO’s Outlook for Redford!

In 2022, affected by the global macro economy, the crypto world will usher in great changes. Cryptocurrencies will be regulated and recognized by more and more countries and governments. With the continuous development and regulation of the crypto market, cryptocurrencies will have infinite value and affect the lives of more and more people. Redford is committed to setting the industry benchmark, always keeping pace with the times and leading the trend.

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