Rita Joyan Helps People Turn Passion Into Profession Through Her “Unbox Your Gift” Podcast

August 30 06:00 2022
Emotional intelligence trainer and learning and development consultant, Rita Joyan, promotes that the great resignation is the great re-assessment through her podcast “Unbox Your Gift”

Rita Joyan has continued to help people across the globe, irrespective of location, gender, or age group, to reach the highest heights in their professional and personal lives. The claim is substantiated by the feats achieved with the “Unbox Your Gift” Podcast, where she interviews change-makers across all walks of life to motivate listeners and help them tune into their own great reassessment.

Millions of people are going through trying times in their career and personal lives, thanks to the increasing level of uncertainty even after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The workforce across the globe is said to be going through the “great resignation,” requiring professionals to think outside the box and bring their creativity to bear. However, there are not enough resources to trigger the creativity needed to help people succeed and become exceptional contributors to the community’s growth in their little way. Consequently, Rita created Unbox Your Gift as a weekly podcast featuring industry pacesetters.

The goal of Rita with the Unbox Your Gift podcast is to create a platform to inspire listeners by enabling chief ministers, Olympians, diplomats, inventors, business owners, and experts, as well as other such exceptional individuals, to share thought-provoking ideas and conversations that help accelerate careers. 

Unbox Your Gift features everything from extraordinary inventions to the psychology of the voice, motivating listeners to find space in their seemingly busy schedule to change their perspectives and ignite their curiosity, especially during “the great reshuffle.”

The creation of Unbox Your Gift is timely, providing the necessary education and resources for entrepreneurial women and women in the corporate world to embrace self-awareness and push boundaries beyond trendy subjects.

Unbox Your Gift is on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcast, with the videos available on YouTube every Thursday.

For further information about Unbox Your Gift and to tap into the wealth of knowledge of Rita and her interviews, visit – https://open.spotify.com/show/753Td4yjNf3ifmEWF3Zv04  Rita Joyan can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and TikTok.

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