New BopoVerse Blue-chip Project Sells Out With Minting Set To Commence

August 30 09:57 2022
Groundbreaking entertainment metaverse brand, BopoVerse, announces minting date amidst increasing interest from crypto enthusiasts across industries

The BopoVerse project is generating a lot of buzz across the globe, defying the current bearish trend in the NFT market to record full bookings. The feat achieved by BopoVerse in a relatively short while is not particularly surprising, considering that only blue-chip projects have been predicted to survive the current market condition due to their going concern nature.

The global NFT market has exploded in recent times, catching the attention of individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, the recent bearish run in the crypto world has affected the NFT market. In a related development, experts have reiterated the importance of identifying and investing in real projects with real teams and road maps as opposed to pump-and-dump projects offering several illogical offers for quick profits that never materialize. Therefore, it is not surprising that the likes of BopoVerse and similar blue-chip projects building new brands on web 3 and treating themselves as companies are catching the eyes of investors.

Every market has a cycle experienced investors and decision-makers follow to leverage the movement of prices to earn profits. The situation is not particularly different in the NFT market. While the bearish run is often identified as the time to buy, it is even more important to invest in real projects with long-term goals. Consequently, it is imperative to make decisions based on research and facts, considering factors such as IP, an active and transparent team, technology, and a road map showing the company’s projection.

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BopoVerse has been described as the next big blue-chip project. The project is particularly unique as it aims to use NFTs to promote self-confidence, supporting millions of people suffering from body shaming and cyberbullying while raising awareness about the vices. It also aims to provide a roadmap for creating cultural assets, with the first comic book developed with famous artists launched globally.

The first-of-its-kind entertainment brand for body positivity & empowerment is developing a smart blockchain marketplace for selling merchandise and NFT characters, with profits to be shared between the owner and the company automatically.

BopoVerse has revealed a minting date of September 8th, 2022 –  Est 11:00 am Pst 8:00 am, amidst plans to launch several amazing projects with initial and exclusive access only to holders.

For further information about the BopoVerse project and a whitelist for the private sale and a few available spots, visit – BopoVerse can also be found across social media, including Twitter and YouTube.

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