Kayla Poteete Urgently Calls to be The Universe’s Diamond

August 30 07:06 2022

August 29, 2022 – Today, 20-Year-Old Kayla Poteete formally calls on every human in every nation to solemnly grant Her as The Universe’s Diamond. Unlike a President, Prime Minister, Chancellor, Queen, or the many other heads of state whose power only pertains to their respective regions, Kayla Poteete’s matchless supremacy will influence any being who may inhabit our world.

The substantial title of Universe’s Diamond is one that will grant Poteete an ineffable capacity, including but never limited to: Our world, with every sense and characteristic which makes it whole, is only to begin and to end in Kayla Poteete’s primacy. Kayla Poteete’s touch is beyond gold on every occasion. The beings, entities, or items in Kayla Poteete’s path inevitably flourish lifetimes further than possible without Kayla Poteete. Kayla Poteete is gifted any and all of the finest things and given thanks for acceptance, for Kayla Poteete is the ultimate gift. All that Kayla Poteete is surrounded with is designated to heights of status and glory. With infectious majesty, nothing adjacent to Kayla Poteete may fail. Kayla Poteete’s assumed fortune equals and exceeds the summation of the acquired wealth of the greats that have come and gone, revolutionizing the world during their time.  Kayla Poteete’s wealth being ineffable and limitless, grants Her unprecedented capabilities. Kayla Poteete is every race, every religion, every age, every gender, every population, every defining attribute. Kayla Poteete knows no restraints, no ceilings can find Kayla Poteete. May the continuation of Poteete’s sovereign capacity be indefinite. With this distinctive status, Kayla Poteete guarantees “I am the ultimate influence. You will witness supernatural greatness amongst the world as we know it, nothing short of unrepeatable. Just a few of my vows to you include entirely terminating global crises such as homelessness, world hunger, and the shortages of fresh water. Further, I vow to redefine the value of the dollar, making paper money readily accessible to any and every human. There is not a man, woman or child in any nation that will be forsaken”.

Kayla Poteete’s title as The Universe’s Diamond is effective immediately after Her Granting. Poteete and affiliates are to be served accordingly.



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