Timeplast introduces sustainable plastic technology that could change the world’s reliance on fossil-based plastics

August 30 02:31 2022
Company offers the first water soluble, bio-based, high molecular weight material capable of fully substituting traditional plastic

The world’s oceans are inundated with plastic. Each day, an estimated 8 million plastic pieces enters the oceans. Yet, it isn’t just the oceans where plastic pieces reside. Fresh water areas around the world also hold tons of plastic after materials are discarded haphazardly by individuals.

Along with clogging up the world’s waterways, plastics are produced using fossil fuels, which adds to the damage being done to the planet. Plastic production and the results of the materials cause damage to the Earth in multiple ways.

Timeplast aims to prevent damage being down to the planet by stopping the world’s reliance on fossil fuel plastic and lowering the rubbish leftover in waterways. The start-up company is introducing sustainable plastic technology that can change the world and stop the reliance on fossil-based plastics.

The company has devised a water-soluble plastic that is bio-based. The plastic is made from high molecular weight material that is capable of fully substituting traditional plastic.

Rather than producing biodegradable or compostable plastics, Timeplast focuses on water soluble products. Timeplast’s water-soluble plastics simply need water to break the material down.

It doesn’t need soil bacteria, heat, or oxygen to break down like biodegradable or compostable plastics do. By using a water-soluble plastic, the material can break down if it enters the ocean or freshwater areas. Timeplast is capable of going away faster than those plastics that are biodegradable or compostable, helping the planet as quickly as possibly by dissolving.

It is now possible for plastics to dissolve after their intended use. Timeplast has made it possible for this to occur and the company’s technology can change the world.

Timeplast currently has an SEC-regulated public offering on Start Engine, allowing individuals to invest in its plastic of the future. For more information on Timeplast or to learn more about its water-soluble plastic material and products, please visit the company’s official website.

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