Exclusive Listings Hold the Key to Success, According to Renowned Luxury Brokerage LuxuryProperty.com

August 30 02:16 2022
When only one agent markets a property, it’s not just a benefit for the brokerage but also for the seller

Exclusivity is one of those terms that adds an extra sheen of prestige to any high-end product. And when it comes to real estate, listing a home exclusively can reap several benefits. It might seem counterintuitive – after all, wouldn’t listing with multiple agents cast a wider net and target more buyers? – but real estate marketing is a field where the adage of ‘less is more’ carries tremendous weight. This has been the experience for Shane Jewell, a Private Client Advisor at Dubai-based brokerage LuxuryProperty.com, who specializes in prime and super prime homes on the incredible Palm Jumeirah.

Shane, who has consistently been one of the top agents in the city over the past few years, found even greater success after joining LuxuryProperty.com this year. The secret to that success is twofold – exclusive listings and a brand with a robust online presence. Shane was able to list five high-end villas with an exclusive mandate and, by leveraging the strength of the LuxuryProperty.com platform, sold those villas in a very short timeframe. As a result, he generated more revenue in his first three months with the company than he had in the entirety of 2021.

When a property is listed exclusively with just one agent, it allows them to create a bespoke 360-degree marketing strategy that ensures a high level of visibility. This strategy could include online ads, social media promotions, video tours, and more. And when working with a brand like LuxuryProperty.com, a digital platform that reaches high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients across the globe, such a marketing strategy can produce phenomenal results. And indeed, it has for Shane, who was able to leverage the strength of the platform to shorten the realization period on his listings.

Another hugely important benefit of exclusive mandates for sellers is ease of communication – all enquiries are filtered in through one agent, who screens potential buyers and other interested realtors. This ensures a streamlined process through which only qualified buyers will make it through the front door and only serious offers will be brought in for consideration. Though offers might not even be a factor – an exclusive listing has more than a 90% chance of achieving asking price due to the high levels of demand contrasted against limited supply.

Bringing these two elements together gives any good real estate agent an edge in the current market. Having a listing with an exclusive mandate signifies that the seller has a high level of trust in that agent, which helps to increase buyer confidence. Furthermore, the element of exclusivity alone ensures a high level of curiosity, hence more enquiries. As long as the property is well-priced and offers good value for the buyer, it won’t remain on the market for too long and will most likely close at asking price.

By investing extensively in digital marketing and proptech, LuxuryProperty.com has established itself as a major player in Dubai’s luxury real estate market and has become a globally recognizable brand name. The firm places just as much emphasis on training for its brokerage team, ensuring that agents have the knowledge and the tools to win the trust of sellers – which is rewarded with an exclusive mandate and ultimately, a swift transaction. Benefiting from a buoyant property market, LuxuryProperty.com has closed several large transactions over the course of 2022 and is in the process of writing success stories similar to Shane’s for all of its agents before the end of the year. 

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LuxuryProperty.com is Dubai’s Luxury Brokerage, connecting local and international clients to the most exclusive properties in Dubai and across the globe.

A dynamic digital destination, LuxuryProperty.com lists an exclusive portfolio of over $6 billion of on- and off-market properties across the globe. As a brokerage, LuxuryProperty.com specializes in delivering exceptional private client advisory services with an emphasis on professionalism and discretion. The company also offers a bespoke real estate search and acquisition service through its exclusive Private Client Office.

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