Childhood Adventures can turn into Invaluable Lessons

August 29 22:11 2022

When we were children we were sometimes able to live in our imaginations and put our wildest dreams into action. It was a golden age where we could be free of adult worries and stresses and where each day was another opportunity to explore the limits of our physical abilities and indulge in daring escapades and exciting adventures.

It’s a wise parent who doesn’t intervene too closely in their children’s games, but let’s them enjoy their voyages of discovery and learn from their experiences.

Elizabeth Dooley’s book, Fern Valley Ventures features eight such children who have the freedom to explore, face challenges and have adventures. They may even remind us of our own childhood escapades. The children live in a small English village and find themselves entangled in a sequence of adventures they could never have imagined.

They are often stretched to their limits of physical endurance and mental strength and learn lessons which will stand them in good stead for adult life. The book contains four separate stories, each featuring the same characters. In The Vanishing Tom disappears from his home and family and only returns when his adventure turns into a dangerous nightmare.

In The Vortex the Venturers find their friendships pushed to the limit during a week at an Activity Camp and Jim finds rescue coming from a most unexpected source. In The Villa the children find themselves pitted against thieves and trespassers who threaten to ruin the Roman archaeological dig they are working on.

In The Verdict Laura battles against the consequences of her unwise decisions where, during an Autumn Fair and a Bonfire Night, her friends endanger their lives while trying to catch a thief and trouble maker.

Each is a stand alone adventure story which also conceals a hidden meaning which children and parents alike will enjoy discovering. The book is enhanced by sixteen exciting illustrations and will undoubtedly be an excellent read for children of seven years and up. A copy of Elizabeth’s book is available at Click here to get yours now.

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