Hanso Home Pergola Review: The Best Pergola Money Can Buy

August 30 01:55 2022
Hanso Home helps homeowners invest in quality life with luxury Scandinavian pergolas at the best prices.

Spending time outdoors during lazy afternoons and chilled evenings is a gateway to a quality life. It is essential to indulge in quality, state-of-the-art home fixtures, like a pergola. Hanso Home is helping homeowners install the best pergolas for the best romantic dinners, outdoor parties, coffee, and more. 

Hanso Home is a leading luxury pergola provider that believes quality pergolas should not cost an arm and a leg. The custom-made pergolas often go for exorbitant amounts that discourage most people from getting them for their homes. The perfect pergola can transform an area by infusing luxury and comfort into it.

Aside from providing the best pergolas, Hanso Home also cuts up to five intermediaries and their profit margins from the pergolas supply chain. The company guarantees that people can get the luxury they deserve at 8 times the better price.

The professionals at Hanso Home have discovered that most brands prey on unsuspecting clients and overprice their products. Most of these companies have up to five middlemen in their supply chain, which leaves the client to pay all of the company’s profit margin. 

In a review of Pergola brands and their products, Hanso Home was rated among the best pergola providers due to the company’s commitment to price, quality, and customer satisfaction. The review helps clients know what to look for and how some brands exploit consumers.

–  Price

According to Hanso Home, the market price of a pergola is between $30 to $120k, which is considered standard. However, this price is way higher than it should be. If people want cheap pergolas, knockoff brands provide them at $2k to $5k.

Hanso Home is changing this by offering a fair price point for custom-made pergolas. Hanso prices its pergolas at $5997 to $11997 for their custom-made luxury models. 

Hanso Home achieves fair point pricing by cutting unnecessary middlemen in the supply chain. These include contractors, distributors, regional distributors, intermediary warehouses, brands, and manufacturers.

–  Quality

The biggest argument made for the huge prices for pergolas is the quality. However, Hanso Homes has managed to provide the best quality pergolas, even better than brands that claim to custom make their products.

Hanso Home standardizes manufacturing to only a few sizes and ensures the highest level of product design and construction. Hanso also gives a 10-year warranty, whereas most brands only offer 2-5 years and others less than a year.

State-of-the-art pergolas have impeccable construction, while cheap brands have thin aluminum, which is most often not 100% aluminum—mixed with steel, these pergolas rust, bend, and age quickly, cutting the luxury experience short. Hanso Home is committed to ensuring that clients no longer fall for these cheap tricks. The brand also offers to vanish after installation, whereas most cheap brands leave the owner to their own devices.

Due to the brand’s commitment to its mission, Hanso Home is quickly becoming a popular patio choice in the US. The Scandinavian pergolas feature a minimalist but modern and highly desired style with more than 2500 happy customers.

“There are brands that make pergolas, and then there is Hanso. We do so much more than just provide you with a space to sit and relax.”

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