IniShare Releases the First Professional Knowledge Sharing Application

August 30 01:31 2022
Digital publishing company IniShare releases the first professional knowledge-sharing application, offering clients a new streamlined process for self-publishing.

IniShare is an integrated digital publishing app with a new philosophy. The IniShare platform allows users to share more than information. According to IniShare, knowledge is organized information where the individual pieces, communicated in the correct order, result in the reader grasping a higher concept. Better understanding leads to the ability to decide and act based on the new knowledge. 

“Sending attachments, linking webpages, or using file sharing services are a daily activity,” IniShare founders said. “But what do you really want to share? Information or knowledge?” 

Rather than sharing pdf files and a link to a YouTube video individually and without context to connect them, IniShare gives users “the glue that would turn these pieces of information into real knowledge and an ability to act.”

“We wanted an app where people can share any knowledge freely and easily, and they can decide whether they want to ask money for it. We can only hope that it will contribute to the better flow of knowledge,” said IniShare Representative Jerome Robin. “Consider this an experiment, and let’s grow together. Can we revolutionize how knowledge is shared?”

Share knowledge, not information.

Using the IniShare app, users can write, create, share, and sell a book or provide an entire course in one program. Unlike standard eBooks, IniShare books can fully integrate all kinds of multimedia and interactive elements, including videos, sound files, and more. 

“Knowledge implies that one knows how pieces of information interact, and when you want to share knowledge, you also have to share the data on how those pieces interact,” Robin said. “Otherwise, you leave it up to others to try and put together the bigger picture, and that seldom happens.”

With IniShare, customers can compile their information into a format that conveys the knowledge they wish to share. The IniShare application is easy to use, allowing users to create books without technical knowledge. Once created, books can be shared or sold in minutes. 


Free for personal use

IniShare founders said the revolutionary knowledge-sharing digital publishing app is free for personal use and limited sharing, but for those looking to distribute and sell their books, IniShare has an affordable monthly subscription.

From the ability to communicate an on-the-spot business proposal for a client to a company revolutionizing its onboarding courses, IniShare gives users the chance to assemble pieces of information with the “glue” to hold it all together into the cohesive message desired, so the recipient understands the knowledge they’ve been given. 

“Break out from the eBook cage,” IniShare founders said. “With IniShare, your books come alive. Include videos, program snippets, tweets, maps, and even PowerPoint presentations. Embed pdf or Word files as if they were part of your book.”


IniShare has multiple uses across many industries. Whether clients need to create engaging webinar programs that communicate important information in an easy-to-use format or even share an entire book with multimedia elements, IniShare has the tools—and the knowledge—to help reach the final project goals.

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