How to choose a second contract trading platform? Let’s see what Tionrt says

August 29 20:45 2022

With the popular second contract trading out of the circle, how to choose a compliant and safe trading platform has become a topic of most concern:

Several keys to choosing a second contract trading platform.

1. Convenience:

The function setting and operation of the exchange should be simple, quick in and out, timely service and rapid response, which are some of the factors that have the most direct impact on traders. Because digital currency trading is 24 hours a day, 365 days, investors are all over the world, and the benefits of an exchange with rapid response and services are obvious to investors.

2. Professionalism:

Because contract trading is different from spot trading, many traders are frequent high-frequency trading, and there are also a lot of programmed quantitative trading. The professional and humanized design of trading functions will bring great benefits to traders. Sometimes it is even the most important factor related to an individual’s survival and rate of return.

Tionrt ( is the innovator of currency circle, Tionrt LTD. Headquartered in New York, USA, it took less than a year to become one of the fastest contract trading platforms in the world.

Professional perpetual contract trading platform, early participants are mainly funds and all kinds of institutions, at present, individual investors are also increasing rapidly, trading depth is deep, price mechanism design is scientific, close to the major mainstream spot exchanges, professional product design, simple interface design, rich trading functions, meet all types of traders, good reputation, do not need scientific Internet access, friendly to global traders, professional customer service. Download:

In terms of technology: Tionrt extreme contract trading platform has excellent performance, high-frequency dealmaking engine stably supports large amount of data, high performance and high concurrency; 100 rounds of tests per month ensures the stability of K-line; the platform adopts distributed architecture, market and depth data are launched rapidly, the front end adopts firewall attack prevention mechanism, and the back end adopts secret separation deployment.

Tionrt uses MD5+RSA (asymmetric encryption algorithm) to ensure the security of account passwords, uses OSS+CDN static file acceleration mechanism to ensure the security of data files, and technically upgrades the jar package, using the latest SSM architecture, Java TM EE 8 SDK, highly available HA service support, and SLB load balancing.

In order to ensure that every express contract transaction is safe and correct.

Through years of in-depth research on the field of contract trading, Tionrt summarizes several trading principles that must be adhered to: because of its inherent leverage, contract trading must adhere to the minimum standard of security and controllability in operation in order to survive and develop in contract trading.

1. For hedging spot investors, it is mainly to avoid the depreciation risk of falling currency prices and to use low margin to maintain the demand for value, so when the trend decline is formed, medium leverage equivalent coverage can be used to issue an order, and the stop loss can be set at the trend reversal point.

2. For speculative traders, stop losses must be synchronized at the time of billing, and the use of leverage matches the maximum allowable loss per order.

3, regardless of hedging and speculation, invoicing is only carried out in the position with high profit-loss ratio, reduce invalid operations, avoid high-frequency operations, have a clear purpose and plan transactions.

Tionrt focuses on providing an efficient, safe and credible digital economic zone block chain ecological application big data platform for global small and medium-sized enterprises and business empowerment, and creates a global community autonomous alliance of borderless circulation, integration, sharing, collaborative innovation, and plays an important role in digital traceability, digital wallet, digital bank, digital payment, digital lending, digital finance and digital entity.

The platform pushes the latest global information in real time for 24 hours, the intelligent big data display is clear at a glance, the customer service online consultation response is fast, relying on the good ecology of the exchange, more and more applications will be born based on the Tionrt exchange in the future. Download:

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