Citizens of all eligible countries are now able to apply for Canada Visa Online within a few minutes

August 29 20:08 2022

To improve border security, the Canadian government implemented the eTA program. This program was approved in 2012 and took 4 years to develop and be introduced in 2016. Canada Visa online or Canada eTA is an electronic travel document that is almost similar to a Canada paper Visa. Applying for a Canada paper Visa is a complicated process where the applicants will have to visit the embassy. It will take some time to travel and complete the whole Visa application. When compared with this method of Visa application, Canada e-Visa Online via is the best one because there is no need to visit the embassy or any other office. With the help of this method, the applicants are allowed to complete the whole eTA application from their homes.

Canada Visa for Mexican citizens

Canada e-Visa for Mexican citizens is a Multi-entry Visa that is valid for five years. It allows Mexican citizens to visit Canada for short tourist, business, and transit visits. Mexican Citizens can enjoy the fast entry facility as Mexico was a launch member of the Canada eTA program. Mexican citizens can apply for a Canada Visa via The process is easy and the only requirement is to have an email address, valid passport, and a credit/debit card in one of the 133 currencies, or PayPal.

Canada Visa for Tourists

Canada is famous for tourism, as it has a lot of beaches, lakes, historic places, national parks, and more. It’s attracting a lot of people from other countries and the government has introduced the Canadian Tourist Visa to help travellers to enter their country easily. Applicants can apply for a Canada Visa in less than three minutes. Requirements are to have an email, credit/debit card and passport. A Canada Visa Help Desk will help applicants if they have any problems with their application. Canadian tourism is an important industry because it contributes over 2% of the country’s GDP.What is interesting is the increasing number of eco-friendly travel opportunities in Canada as Canadian people move towards environmentally conscious lifestyles.

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