Andrew Sallee is on a mission to inspire others by building a $128M real estate portfolio

August 29 23:33 2022
Through two decades of hard work and investing in himself first, the Illinois native has built a multimillion-dollar portfolio and started a charitable organization.

Andrew Sallee had a difficult childhood framed by a tight financial situation. As a result, he quickly learned the value of money and sought to build a better life for himself. After spending 10 years in sales, Sallee started a siding and roofing business. This connected him with his first real estate investment, which he has now turned into a $128 million portfolio. 

“I don’t have a degree from a fancy school, didn’t grow up with a ton of money, and don’t take partners on for deals,” Sallee said. “Everything I’ve earned has been built from what I’ve been able to earn beginning with my sales career, then my company, and, most recently, all through my investments.”

The entrepreneur began his journey by investing in himself. For years, Sallee attended nine to 12 different conferences annually to learn how to combine intelligent investments with hard work. He lists Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, and Tim Bratz among the mentors and coaches who inspired him to take a unique approach to real estate investment. Rather than taking on partners or raising hard money for investments, he partners with banks for financing. 

5 lessons for achieving success

Sallee firmly believes anyone can achieve his level of success through hard work. He often shares five essential lessons he’s learned along the way as motivation for others. First, he encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace the power of learning by surrounding themselves with quality mentors. This leads to his second lesson: that a simple hello can build a robust network. With a support team of like-minded individuals, he says people can redefine who they are.

Next, Sallee says approaching efforts and ambitions with a resilient mindset and the right intentions will work wonders. In addition, he emphasizes that entrepreneurship is complex, and the most successful business owners are those who dare to face risks with perseverance.

Finally, preparation is crucial. Investing in consistent learning through books and conferences helped Sallee master his efforts. Read relevant books, create a checklist of tasks to achieve, and take action.

Investing in his community

Sallee invests heavily in his community through Big Brother, Big Sister in Davenport, Iowa, the Davenport YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity. He’s also the founder and CEO of Andy’s Kids, a charitable foundation that gives young kids access to education and other basic needs such as food and housing. 

“My work in real estate is important to me because it allows me to invest in my community and make an impact on my community through my philanthropic efforts,” he said.  

Sallee’s philanthropic efforts are the inspiration for his entrepreneurial success. He often says people who have accomplished countless wins in their life might be lucky, but those who share those wins with others are the truly fortunate ones. 


Andrew Sallee is a true American success story. His journey as a real estate investor began when he bought one single-family home, which he renovated and sold. Today, with a portfolio worth $128 million, he aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to invest in themselves first, work hard, and give back to the communities that made them.

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