OVERR launches in Australia as the only dedicated gaming marketplace

August 29 19:32 2022

OVERR, a new online marketplace for gamers and collectors, has launched in Australia. The site is focused exclusively on games and consoles, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to buy or sell gaming memorabilia. 

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With a passion for games and collectors alike, OVERR is committed to connecting all Australian gamers in one central community online. Whether someone is a seasoned gamer or just starting, OVERR has something for everyone. 

As a store owner, you can list as many items and host on their site for an unlimited time with no monthly fee. In addition, they charge low commissions that will only be applied after successful sales go through their platform; this way, helping grow your customer base while cutting unnecessary costs!

They provide tools such as mass uploading stock to the site as well as making it easyto create customer loyalty by offering store coupons, a great way to encourage customers to return which in turn increases revenue per user & and creates a competitive edge allowing sellers more earnings on their terms.

For those who have a physical store, they can also utilize Overr’s POS system which seamlessly integrates on any device allowing store owners to accurately maintain inventory online as well as offline. 

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Video games are an expensive hobby, but they specialize in affordable options for budgets of all sizes. And with their easy-to-purchase pre orders and must-have items, customers can get their video game fix without leaving home.

As long as Australian gamers want it bad enough, OVERR will be able to provide them what they need at prices their hard-earned dollars deserve.

That’s because this Australian-based startup, Overr, is changing how small business owners buy and sell games. With one seller who recently achieved over 100 sales on this platform where their customers found it more than easier to find what they were looking for through both the website and the Overr App. 

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Video games are a vast industry, with the global market worth billions of dollars. They’re there to help get your products noticed! Whether you’re an independent game store, local market stalls or just a collector selling off your doubles to fund your next purchase, they provide all your needs, so you don’t have anything left but success ahead 

Final Thoughts

As the gaming industry has continued to grow, their marketplace has strived to offer gamers the best possible shopping experience. Their sellers are an integral part of their community, and they value supporting and helping small businesses flourish. 

For more information visit https://www.overr.com.au.

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