ZE Smartwatches introduces ZE™ Active, the top pick for 2022

August 29 23:22 2022
The ZE™ Active, a highly rated device on the market, is an all-new military-grade stylish smartwatch excellent for individuals trying to lead a healthy and active lifestyle or those on a wellness path. It’s a game-changing model that can assist them in keeping a close watch on some health concerns.

ZE Smartwatches is out to disrupt the overpriced smartwatch industry after unveiling ZE™ Active, the all-new military-grade stylish smartwatch fully designed by former military engineers, scientists, and product designers, and wearable tech researchers in ZE Lab, United States. 

“Most smartwatches in the market offer limited features, are overpriced and fragile. That’s where ZE Smartwatches comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement. The brand features ZE™ Technology, which offers the latest design, excellent built quality, longest battery life, and water resistance. 

ZE™ Active comes with extremely useful features such as answering calls, Text and App notifications, alarm features with vibration, multiple sensors with double green HR sensors and one red SPO2 sensor, and so much more.

More than that, the ZE™ Active is a market standout as it offers real-time heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. This is a convenient feature for individuals who want to check their heart rate regularly for a wide range of reasons, from improving their athletic performance to tracking their heart health and managing their stress levels. 

“One in every four deaths in America is caused by heart attacks. That accounts for roughly 600,000 deaths every year from one illness alone. That could possibly be reduced if more people had access to sophisticated heart rate monitoring technology and prevented it in time. The American Heart Association agrees that smartwatch functions could be beneficial. That’s where the ZE™ Active becomes a life-saver,” the representative added.

The brand has sold over 20,000 units, with 99% of users expressing their admiration for ZE™ Active over its sleek, stylish design, impressive functionality, long battery life, and toughness.

A verified customer from the United Kingdom described the watch as something that “looks expensive although the price is not.”

“Resolution is good, and sound is clear. No issues pairing the watch with my Samsung phone,” the review states.

Another verified customer from the United States commended ZE Smartwatches for delivering the highest-quality watches that are built to last.

“I am a big fan of ze smartwatches since 2019. Their products are exceptional. This one too,” the review stated.

Another customer had this to say on the ZE Smartwatches website: “Great product with multiple sensors. 2 green sensors for heart rate and 1 red for SPO2. Really love it.” 

Those who want to purchase ZE™ Active may place their order by visiting www.zesmartwatches.com. Others who wish to learn more about ZE Smartwatches and its lineup of best-selling watches for 2022 may follow its social channels for more information.

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