, A New Free Music Platform That Enables Users To Discover Music Suggestions With People Like Them For Free

August 29 23:12 2022
SongsLike is a social music platform designed to help its users find new music from the least popular artists, share their music suggestions with their followers, and meet people with similar tastes in music.

With dozens of music platforms being available today, such as Pandora,, Amazon, and Deezer, it is easier than ever to enjoy and consume hours’ worth of music daily. However, most people are circling between several tracks and albums they’ve grown fond of years ago, barely scraping the surface of what the contemporary music industry has to offer. SongsLike is a social music platform designed to help its users find new artists and music in the most convenient way possible. 

The main feature of the SongsLike platform is its ‘Social Playlists’ that allow anyone to share music to a playlist sorted by replayability opposed to popularity. Also there is a function that tracks songs similar to the tracks or artists typed in the search bar, allowing users to seamlessly discover new music based on keywords or other songs. Paul George, the founder of SongsLike explained this feature in a recently uploaded video:

“This video is about the SongsLike main feature of the site. Maybe you like Drake, like me, but you’re tired of hearing his music everywhere, so if you want to find songs “like” Drake, you just come up here and type in the name of an artist or a song, and then click on the button of your preferred platform. What it will do is it will search and find relative songs based on these companies’ (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music) algorithms,” said Paul George.

What separates SongsLike from contemporary music social media channels is its support for external cross-platform playlists. This feature allows users to import playlists, individual tracks, or videos from any supported platform (currently Spotify, Apple Music) and enjoy a YouTube Version of the Playlists with music videos. 

Paul also added that the cross-platform playlist functionality synergizes with the website’s inbuilt search algorithm that utilizes YouTube Comments for keyword searching. SongsLike’s purpose is to help users discover new artists on their way to becoming popular; with the added cross-platform ability, users can now update their playlists with any song they discover, regardless of platform. 

More information about SongsLike is available on the company’s official website.

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