Gen Z Is Getting Their Sitcoms On Snapchat

August 29 22:22 2022
Phony Texts is digital production company building a slate of episodic television across social media.

The entertainment industry saw numerous behavioral leaps, jumping from the early motion pictures, over cinema and cable boxes, to streaming, augmented reality, and the metaverse. In 2022, content creators are now arguably leading in

Phony Texts is a sitcom for the modern audience. Animated to feel like a natural text conversation, the episodes feel uniquely modern. But its style and writing techniques follow a strict sitcom formula. The channel, and its bit-sized stories provide simple, refreshing content that is resonating with millions of fans across the globe.

According to a recent study by Microsoft, the average attention span of Gen Z consumers is eight seconds. As stated by Lori Stutsman, the President and Customer Success Manager of Extra Mile Marketing, the success of any company and brand operating in 2022, especially firms that mainly target the Gen Z population, need to rely on good storytelling to emerge on top of the competition:

“Stories are more memorable than facts and figures. Businesses should invest in developing a clearly communicated story for a couple of reasons. First, stories create a blueprint to organize content that would otherwise feel scattered and random,” said Lori.

Simon & Jesse Brooks, the creators of Phony Texts have tapped deep into the contemporary texting culture. Having realized that people no longer have the time nor the patience to watch hours of content, Simon and Jesse wanted to cater to the needs of their viewers by creating bite-sized stories for everyone to enjoy.

Phony Content has been built on impeccable storytelling, as its content creators do not rely on complex technologies, apps, tools, or gadgets to reinvent the wheel. They are using nothing but their phones to create compelling scripted stories that are written well enough to be adapted into sitcoms, movies, or TV shows.

Jesse and Simon’s Phony Texts were featured in a recent Cheddar News report. Praised for their inventiveness and ingenuity, the creators of Phony Texts were the main talk point in a special episode dedicated to their viral videos. When asked to describe Phony Texts by Alyssa J. Smith of Cheddar News, Simon and Jesse imparted the following:

“We grew up loving shows like “Friends”, and a little bit over a year ago we kind of realized that, like if Ross and Rachel had met each other now, they’d be texting, they’d be getting to know each other over text. Instead of having the Coffee Shop in “Friends”, that would be a group chat, so we decided, the same way that sitcoms are scripted situational comedy, we decided to do that with text conversations, so it just took off,” said Simon Brooks.

Phony Texts has garnered millions of views on Instagram alone. With the channel rapidly growing, the team at Phony Content has expanded into various genres including horror and romance.

More information about Phony Texts is available on Phony Content’s official website.

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