BingX to release updated 3.1 version of BingX Bitcoin Trading App for both Android and iOS

August 29 21:40 2022
The upcoming version of BingXBitcoin Trading App assures more advanced trading experience with new features and improvisations on existing ones.

Singapore – August 29, 2022 – BingX.COM has something exciting in store for their traders. The renowned social trading exchange has recently announced the upcoming launch of the updated 3.1 version of BingXBitcoin Trading App that is geared to scale up the user experience to newer heights. The updated version will be available for both Android and iOS users.  

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from BingX shared that the upcoming app contains several advanced features to create a cutting-edge trading experience for their traders. Additionally, the upgraded version will also come with a revised edition of some existing features that have been fine-tuned to provide a more comfortable trading environment. 

“We are excited to share with you all that we are soon to release an upgraded version of our BingX Trading App. The upgraded version will introduce a bunch of state-of-the-art features as well as improved versions of some major existing features to facilitate a more seamless experience for our trader”, stated the spokesperson. 

“At BingX, we are always focused on improving our user experience. Our upcoming upgraded app version is one of our sincere attempts to present our traders with a good trading experience.” 

The new version of the BingX Trading App comes with newly added features in the Perpetual Futures order page. Alongside, the BingX team has refined the order and contract ordering pages to create a more advanced trading experience. The ordering page will surprise with a new page layout  and the much-awaited support for opening both short and long positions on the same screen. 

However, one of the key aspects of the upgraded app is surely updated support for novice copy traders. The app will now allow new traders to follow the trading moves of veteran traders as well as observe their earnings with the new “Follow” function. One of the major benefits of copy trading is that it helps new traders to learn nuances of trading from seasoned traders by following their trading moves on an exchange. It facilitates faster learning processes and helps in the development of smarter traders in less time. 

Another new feature that will be introduced with the upgraded version is ability to set take-profit order. The upgraded app will allow traders to set their preferred take-profit ratio while using fixed margin copy orders at BingX. In fact, they will be able to set their custom take-profit ratio even during grid trading. 

“This new version allows general traders to follow pro traders and observe their income to help users further determine whether to follow orders.” 

Highlights of BingXBitcoin 3.1

  • Professional Contract Order pages have been revised 
  • Long and short positions can be opened on the same page
  • Advanced support for Grid Trading Bot  
  • New “Bitcoin Affiliate Program” that will help to track and analyze BingX partners’ earnings in the user dashboard.
  • Fixed Margin Trading Copy Orders (MTCO) are now available 
  • Copy traders will be able to set their owna take-profit ratio even when they follow a copy trader  

BingX has also recently announced that crypto staking features will be reintroduced to offer traders new ways to trade.  

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