America’s first mobile VR entertainment business offering premier VR trailers and consulting for aspiring entrepreneurs

August 29 21:36 2022
Virtual Reality Game Truck is offering a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to join a unique immersion business with industry-leading VR trailer and most comprehensive expert training.

Anaheim, California – August 29, 2022 – A fast rising VR entertainment company is making big waves across the VR entertainment scene across the country. Titled “Virtual Reality Game Truck”, the company has pioneered the nation’s FIRST and biggest Mobile Virtual Reality Entertainment Business- and is extending potential business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs at affordable rates. Virtual Reality Game Truck and their industry-leading VR trucks have already been covered by esteemed media outlets including the likes of ABC and CBS.

Virtual Reality Game Truck offers cutting-edge VR trucks for state-of-the-art VR entertainment all across the USA. The VR trailers are equipped with multiple virtual stations, racecar platforms, highly advanced VR goggles, and more. The trucks are large enough to accommodate a large group of crowd at one time. The company caters to all kinds of organizations and occasions, such as schools, universities, private events, and corporations. 

Interestingly, the VR trailers are intelligently designed to offer a versatile range of VR entertainment experiences. The most popular are shooting and science-fiction themes that are especially a hot-favorite among kids. Other themes offered by the trailers include historical experience that can be used by teachers to create an immersive learning experience for students. Spiritual VR experiences are also available.  

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Lee, the dynamic founder of Virtual Reality Game Truck, shared that they offer an unmatched unique immersion experience and currently they are extending highly potential business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The company has already helped several business entrepreneurs to set up VR entertainment businesses with their fully-built VR trucks. Some of the entrepreneurs have even been featured on local media channels. 

“If you are looking for a prospective business opportunity that would appeal to a large section of target audience, would be unique, and also won’t cost a bomb, you can join hands with us. We are keen to assist new promising entrepreneurs in the VR entertainment business and we will equip them with the kind of support needed”, stated Mr. Lee. 

Virtual Reality Game Truck offers comprehensive industry training and expert consultancy services to aspiring VR entertainment business entrepreneurs. The company stresses on providing the most extensive training in the industry that allows the entrepreneurs to provide an industry-leading immersive entertainment experience for their own customers. Entrepreneurs won’t have to pay franchise fees to become an owner of the Virtual Reality Game Truck VR trailer and receive training for entrepreneurship. 

“We are backed by a long fleet of highly sophisticated and fully-built VR trailers that we are willing to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs. Our company is guided by the vision to create the most memorable VR experience and thus our trucks are some of the best in the industry, not just in the USA but also in the entire world.” 

Virtual Reality Game Truck also extends VR trailer rental services. 

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