Western girl Deng Chaoyu “Xilankapu” is amazing all over the world, and is highly praised as the Athena in the East

August 29 20:45 2022

Deng Chao’s pursuit of “the beauty ceiling of the literary world” on the road of intangible cultural heritage.

Peiming jade is better than cleanliness, and Qi Youlan is better than fragrance. Recently, Dior culture appropriated the traditional Chinese dress horseface skirt, and claimed in official website that this overskirt was a brand-new elegant and fashionable piece with the iconic Dior silhouette, without mentioning the Chinese element in any sentence, which instantly aroused strong dissatisfaction from Hanfu lovers and every Chinese. Horse-faced skirt has a history of thousands of years, and it is the most typical style of ancient women’s dress. It was originally a crotch skirt which was convenient for women to ride, and it spread widely because of its wide skirt and easy riding.

In recent years, many people of insight in China have taken the dissemination of Chinese culture as their mission. As early as 2017, Chinese girl Deng Chaoyu walked on the red carpet of Cannes in a Tujia traditional costume “Xilankapu”, which surprised Chinese and foreign media. The official shot was 8 close-ups in just three minutes, breaking the historical record and becoming the focus of the world media. The red carpet of the opening ceremony of Cannes gathered the world’s top female stars, shining with stars and competing with each other. Beauty is beautiful, but it makes people have no memory. Just like the beauty of fireworks, there is only a moment of noise and there is no deep accumulation. Today, Deng Chaoyu and her Xilankapu are often talked about by foreign media, praising them as “Chinese Goddess”, and Chinese media have a kind name for her-Sillan Girl.

The temperament is as beautiful as orchid, and the talent is more beautiful than fairy

Deng Chaoyu was born in the hometown of Qu Yuan and Zhaojun, on the bank of the Yangtze River in Yuxiu, Zhong Ling. One side raises one side with water and soil, which is superior to Qu Yuan’s transcendental talent and Zhaojun’s beauty of falling geese. Besides, she has an ethereal and tactful singing voice, like a nightingale in a quiet valley and an oriole on a verdant willow.

In writing, she studied with Mr. Ji Xianlin, an international master of oriental studies. She was the first poet to come to the forum of Peking University to share her writing experience and life insights. Her poetry works were frequently published on the platforms of “China Art daily”, “China Ci Fu”, “The Motherland”, “Poetry Journal”, “Learning Power”, “People’s Daily” and so on. After reading his poetry collection “giving incense curl”, Gave the highest evaluation of “it seems to have found pearls”;

In music, she is a well-deserved shining star in the folk song world, and the first young singer to enter the lecture hall of Peking University. She participated in the production and singing of many songs, such as “Tujia Girl”, “Spring Dancing” and “New Six-Mouth Tea”, which show Tujia customs and spread Tujia culture. Now English versions have been released;

In life, Deng Chaoyu love charity, launched “Yu Le for the people” walking 100 famous cities large public welfare activities, big love walk the world, held two large charity concerts, raise love money 13.52 million yuan to help all those who need help; 2020 in the Ministry of Civil Affairs launched “Yu Le child walk “3 million public welfare projects, for each Tujia children to help music dreams.

Carry forward the “Tujia” intangible cultural heritage culture and amaze millions of media around the world

It has been Deng Chaoyu’s lifelong pursuit to tell the story of Tujia, to show the world the unique aesthetics of the East, to interpret the core power of “the nation is the world”, and to show the spiritual connotation of Chinese people.

In 2017, invited by the “Belt and Road” International Film Week, Deng Chaoyu, an ambassador of cultural exchange between France and China, traveled from China’s Yangtze River to Cannes, France, wearing her own design and improvement of the Tujia dress – Silankalp. With its unique craftsmanship and wonderful composition, it has been listed among the top five brocades in China and is now included in the national intangible cultural heritage. Deng Chaoyu’s red skirt is sporty and the golden thread outlines the phoenix totem, which is as vivid as if it is going to fly with wings in the next second. The classic scene of the red dress beauty has achieved a high level of oriental aesthetics in the hearts of foreign media, and has become a business card for the world to understand Chinese culture.

The world’s attention was focused on this bright-eyed Chinese girl, and the brocade designed by her has become the most ethnic dress in the history of Sino-French cultural exchange, and was loved by many actresses at the festival. Deng Chaoyu, who is tasked with promoting the culture of Tujia, presented the Tujia brocade to French actress Juliette Binoche and many other international friends. In this regard, Deng Chaoyu said, “It is said that the national is the world, the reason why I chose the Tujia costume is that I think the national elements and fashion elements can collide, and the red carpet can show the beauty of Chinese national culture more intuitively. Reduce the complexity of ethnic costumes, combine world trends with oriental elements, and highlight the aesthetic and fashion characteristics of ethnicity.”

Deng Chaoyu does not stop here, in order to inherit and innovate the traditional culture of the Tujia family, she has designed a series of cultural and creative products. As the chief designer of “Zhoumo Cultural and Creative”, she inherits the ancient techniques of non-traditional heritage, takes the Tujia family culture as the composition, and makes the intangible cultural heritage such as Xilan Kapu renewed in “cultural and creative”.

More and more Chinese young people have a deep understanding of the history of Tujia because they love Chaoyu; More and more Chinese trendsetters are deeply attracted by intangible cultural heritage because of Zhou Mo’s cultural creation.

Showing Chinese women’s elegance and conveying women’s resounding spirit

“Beauty is in the bones, not in the skin.” In the new era, “beauty is in the bones” also has a new interpretation, no longer refers to the perfect bones of women, but the toughness of the bones. Deng Chaoyu once said, “She will always be attracted to individual women, to be a unique fragrant woman, proudly blooming, free, she will be haunted by your dreams.”

Deng Chaoyu has beautiful external conditions, but she is not willing to be a pretty “vase”, but always down-to-earth to refine herself. She has won national gold medals in vocal music, classical dance, guzheng, etc. She has been the cultural ambassador of many countries and provinces, the chief judge of CCTV Avenue of Stars, the chief judge of Miss China Tourism Contest, the recorder of CCTV and satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, and the “Vocal Master” of CCTV “Music Open Class”. She has been actively involved in the national Olympic Games, the “Heart to Heart” campaign of the Ministry of Propaganda, the Winter Olympics and the G20, etc. She is an outstanding minority representative active in the front line of ethnic vocal music.

Those who want to shadow the righteous end their table. In order not to let the absurd farce of cultural appropriation happen again, next, Deng Chaoyu will continue to promote Chinese culture and Tujia culture as a lifelong career, thicken the cultural connotation, refine business ability, refine perseverance, especially do a good job of foreign propaganda, tell the Chinese Tujia story, promote the exchange and mutual understanding of civilizations, and let the world hear the voice of Tujia.

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