Apeiron Zoh Newest Precision Formula Product Dihydroberberine Shows Great Effect on Glucose Health and Can Boost Metabolism

August 29 20:24 2022

Apeirons Dihydroberberine features a highly bioavailable form of dihydroberberine: GlucoVantage®, which has been shown to be up to 5x more bioavailable and 2x longer lasting than regular berberine.

Apeiron Zoh is the leader in the new paradigm of systems-based precision lifestyle medicine and is known for its clinician education, clinical application of advanced technologies, biometric monitoring, and community development. Apeiron recently released a new product: Dihydroberberine. The product content is the same as the product name which is a type of super berberine–GlucoVantage® (Dihydroberberine) from NNB Nutrition. This product attracted the attention of ingredient lovers as soon as it was released, as it has such a precision formula, with 200mg of Dihydroberberine and DHB only! This product is tailored for those who wanted to take Glucovantage® only and for those who have been seeking products that can help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, and improve insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism.

GlucoVantage® (DHB) is a highly bioavailable metabolite of berberine. Essentially, gut microbes reduce berberine into its body-ready form DHB, which is then converted back to berberine after intestinal absorption. Compared to berberine, GlucoVantage® has 5-fold higher intestinal absorption rate, which is due to the fact that berberine has to first be converted to DHB by gut microbes. In essence, GlucoVantage® overcomes the shortcomings of berberine’s poor oral bioavailability. In addition, it’s been shown that oral administration of antibiotics further suppresses berberine absorption via decreased levels of intestinal microbes, resulting in lower levels of berberine in the blood, which ultimately reduces efficacy. Simply put, GlucoVantage® is the body-ready form of berberine. While GlucoVantage® works similarly to berberine in terms of stimulating both glucose uptake and AMPK, more importantly, GlucoVantage® can work at lower doses because it bypasses the rate-limiting step of microbial reduction of berberine. GlucoVantage® has been shown to reduce adiposity and improve insulin sensitivity, which helps support healthy glucose tolerance and glycemic control. GlucoVantage® has greater anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic and hypolipidemic activities than berberine, and it is considered to be more conducive to supporting cardiovascular, metabolic and cerebrovascular health.

Claims of GlucoVantage®

Highly bioavailable form of berberine (up to 5x more effective)

Less potential GI distress than berberine

Requires 1/3 the mg dose of berberine

Non-GMO and derived from natural berberine

More Insulin Sensitivity, Glucose Disposal

Patented Ingredient

In all, Apeiron’s Dihydroberberine is the perfect product for men and women who want an effective nutritional therapy for glucose balance, lipid metabolism and cardiovascular health that is both well-tolerated and convenient. It is now available online at Apeiron’s store, for $55 a bottle of 60 capsules(200mg in total), those capsules are easy to swallow, and with no salt, sugar, starch, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives in them. It is also Gluten-free/Non-GMO and vegan-friendly, keto friendly. It is also free of common allergens (milk, egg, fish, shellfish, soy, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat). This is the product for everyone and for everyone to take on daily basis.

About Apeiron Zoh

Apeiron (/əˈpaɪrɒn/; ἄπειρον) is a Greek word meaning “(that which is) unlimited,” “boundless”, “infinite”. Apeiron stand at the edge of rapidly expanding human evolution and many game changing new paradigms. Scientific discoveries, rapid technological advancements and the mapping of the human genome have offered customers a unique opportunity to create a new state of human thriving never before known to be possible. Apeiron is the leader in the new paradigm of systems-based precision lifestyle medicine. Through leadership in clinician education, clinical application of advanced technologies, biometric monitoring, and community development, Apeiron has created a movement. This movement is changing the world-view of what is possible for each of one.

About NNB

NNB is the leading ingredient-driven biotech company employing over 100 research scientists from more than 10 countries who study, design, and deliver unique ingredients to the industry to maximize health, augment performance, expand longevity and enhance appearance. NNB fosters partnerships with companies in the fields of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical research.

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