Dry Paws Creates Sustainable Wash and Reuse Puppy Pads

August 29 19:54 2022
Australian pet company Dry Paws developed washable, reusable puppy pads after learning about the environmental impact of the single-use variety. Dry paws reusable puppy pads are designed to last for more than 200 machine washes.

Dry Paws reusable puppy pads came into existence after the owners’ dogs, Floyd and Elsa, had a litter of puppies. The single-use puppy pads couldn’t keep up with the demand and often got shredded before they were used. When even towels failed to carry the load, they needed another solution. 

“After a little research, we were shocked at the environmental impact single-use pads were having on our planet—that we weren’t even aware of,” Dry Paws owners said. “Diapers take 500 years to decompose in a landfill, though it’s unclear how long puppy pads take to break down, most brands are not biodegradable.”

The multi-layer, quilted design of Dry Paws reusable puppy pads is super absorbent. The pads offer protection from nasty accidents, stop leakage, absorb liquid, and trap odors. The waterproof surface won’t leak through the mat, keeping floor surfaces safe, while the non-slip bottom keeps the puppy pad securely in place.  

Benefits of Dry Paws

–  Potty training is a breeze for pets and owners with Dry Paws washable puppy pads. The distinctive patterns and microfiber top layer make it easy for pets to recognize the pads.

–  Reusable puppy pads are great for protecting surfaces in the home or car. They are ideal for the floor, furniture, under food bowls, in the car, crates, and pet beds.

–  One washable puppy pad can prevent more than 300 nonbiodegradable single-use pads from winding up in landfills.

–  Dry Paws reusable puppy pads are machine washable and easy to clean.

–  Dry Paws has a wide range of pet care products to help care for even the pickiest furry friend.

–  Any purchase over $100 earns a free gift. 

“Sometimes you need a hose… for all those other times, you need Dry Paws reusable Accident-proof puppy pads,” owners said. “You should buy at least two puppy pads to ensure that the floor stays clean while you are washing one.” 

No dog too destructive

Dry Paws is so confident rambunctious puppies won’t tear up their washable puppy pads that they offer an exclusive 30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Money Back Guarantee on all puppy pads in an order for just $9.95.

“We will replace any pads your furbaby destroys within the 30-day period that begins the day your pads arrive,” Dry Paws owners said. “Try our puppy pads today with confidence.”

Positive customer experience

Since releasing their reusable puppy pads, Dry Paws has racked up hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews for their product. Customers generally said the puppy pads exceeded all expectations for quality and were easy to wash and reuse.

Interested pet owners can also check out Dry Paws on Facebook, where the company maintains an active social media presence. 


Dry Paws combines sustainable business practices and high-quality pet products for their accident-proof reusable puppy pads. 

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