The ‘Future of Cinema Coin’ Pioneers New Cryptocurrency Built for Cinema While Championing Access for All

August 29 18:06 2022
The ‘Future of Cinema Coin’ Pioneers New Cryptocurrency Built for Cinema While Championing Access for All
New crypto coin focuses on funding films, wealth building through the arts, and a new business ecosystem grown by a loyal community & innovative approach.

The Future of Cinema (FOC) Coin is pioneering stability over volatility with a leading-edge cryptocurrency that is multifaceted and community driven. Announcing the official ICO pre-sale launch, starting at 12:01 AM on August 28, 2022 and ends this coming Saturday September 3rd PST at midnight.

What makes the FOC such a strong coin is that it will be entering the marketplace with a number of unique differentiators, including but not limited to the fact it is the first crypto coin that will be used as a universal fund, with potential to drive investment and charity support towards a number of worthy causes and satisfy their base.

The Future of Cinema pre-sale, only the first 3 billion coins will be sold at a fluctuating discounted amount between 1000 & 5,000 shares, with the maximum set at .05% of the fund. While the currency itself will be traded in the same fashion as any standard crypto coins, FOC will integrate a proprietary algorithm that will allow for a target margin, enabling the funding of various film projects and a wealth building framework all its own. In establishing this cryptocurrency, accessibility is considered a core value, providing anyone the ability to buy in and reap the rewards of increasing value, rather than a select few. In doing so, The Future of Cinema Coin will avoid market manipulation and retain a steadfast focus free of corruption and volatility with a dedicated group of investors.

Committed to creating a solid infrastructure for the future plans of FOC, the project will keep the coin in a liquidity pool until the applications have a firm release date and at least 50% of the films are slated. Once the apps are released and official dates are set, the coin will then become available via Coinbase, Binance US, Bitmart, Crypto, etc and many more with an expected steady rise in value. Following this initial release, the FOC project will integrate additional businesses into the ecosystem, beginning with the specialized app, MARQUEE, which will allow individuals the opportunity to fund films, filmmakers, producers, and various cinematic projects.

Further roadmap plans can be reviewed on FOC’s main site page as well as via community updates for coin holders. As an overarching theme, like every other aspect, the creator of the FOC coin takes its vision to the highest levels, fusing an exciting future of cinema and cryptocurrency that we will all be able to enjoy.

About The Future of Cinema Coin

The Future of Cinema Coin is a new cryptocurrency built to create & grow wealth while funding films, cinematic projects, and supporting a multi-faceted business ecosystem. Envisioned as a means to create a truly accessible cryptocurrency based on stability and free from the shackles of big investors and volatility-inducing inputs, FOC tethers profits from film revenue back to its investors, perpetuating a continued cycle of increased coin value & the creation of worthy film projects and cinematic experiences.

Be ahead of the crowd and come join us in the future and buy your coins at now! Sale starts at 12:01AM on Sunday Aug 28th and closes just 7 days later at midnight on September 3rd Pacific Standard Time. So get to now cause you only have 7 days before it sells out.

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