Fitness, wear, and faith: Joe Wachs history

August 29 16:51 2022
Fitness, wear, and faith: Joe Wachs history
History: 22 Year Old entrepreneur born and raised in Plainfield, Illinois who is now traveling across the United States

Grew up playing both Football and Hockey being a multi sport athlete and slowly started to fall in love with the art of bodybuilding and weight training as I began to build muscle and transform my physique. With my physique transforming quickly, began professional modeling at the age of 17 being signed to multiple modeling/acting agency’s such as BMG New York City and Babes n Beaus Chicago. From here, I traveled all over the USA and Canada modeling for multiple magazine covers, sponsor endorsements along with acting and tv commercials.

As I started to gain fame from various social media platforms, Joe decided to launch his own 1ON1 personal coaching program where he works with clients all across the globe helping them achieve their fitness goals and dream physique while making it sustainable for their living. He also offers multiple workout programs you can follow and do on your own to get amazing results.

As I continued to grow in my career along with my faith and devotion to Jesus Christ, I decided to start my own fitness clothing brand that is “inspired by faith” which offers multiple different products for both men and women. This clothing company has exclusive drops that comes out every single month that has a strong message behind it to keep yourself grounded and motivated by Christ. 

Joe currently has several brand deal contracts where he endorses products he loves to use on a daily basis.

Joe also has multiple social media accounts that give out awesome free health and fitness advice to help others achieve their goals.

– Product or service Time undertaking or that the product has been on the market 

Online Coaching Launched in 2020

WACHS Wear Apparel Launched in 2021

– results 

Online Coaching 6 Figure Company 

WACHS Wear Apparel 6 Figure Company 

– Vision 

To help others achieve their overall fitness goals and live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle being motivated and driven by the love of Christ.

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