NBLH DAO is preparing to collaborate with other large partners

August 29 11:22 2022

NBLH DAO, which has been progressing as a private project, plans to introduce a real payment service that receives love calls from overseas users. Accommodation in various countries such as China, USA and Korea will be available.

It is an NBLH DAO that will be fully implemented in the global lodging rental business starting in the second half of 2022.

NBLH DAO’s strong partners are also attracting investors’ attention.

While maintaining business partnerships with large companies such as Korea and the United States, it is building various offline physical payment systems.

NBLH is updating the physical payment accommodation rental site. After updating the site, we plan to make payments with NBLH DAO easily and quickly anywhere in the world.

By introducing various payment services and partnership services with various companies, we will build a one-stop system, which is a faster and easier service. NBLH DAO is expected to be loved by many people because of its unique strengths.

An NBLH official said that the decisive reason for the partners of NBLH DAO to cooperate with each other is to proceed with NBLH DAO’s stable business. NBLH DAO — Global network from real estate investment to lodging rental business.

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