One Up Services – An Innovative Business Model for a Modern Lifestyle

August 29 10:38 2022
One Up Services - An Innovative Business Model for a Modern Lifestyle

Pompano Beach, FL – August 26, 2022 — In these post-pandemic times, we’ve learned, as a society, that working smarter means utilizing resources at hand to increase our avenues of income. As brick-and-mortar businesses took the largest hit most have seen in their lifetime, online purchases reached an all-time high. Investing in an online business with One Up Services means investing in the future for you and your family.

It’s 2022! Today, you can profit from your own e-commerce business without the work overload! One Up Services takes the headache out of managing a business. Since 2020, they have changed everyday life for hundreds of business owners by maximizing pros and minimizing cons of the ecommerce industry.

Working with One Up Services allows you to start and own a business that is fully managed by them, but owned by you, so you can be completely hands off. They will start a business from scratch for you or they have already profitable businesses you can buy just the same as any other business acquisition. Maintain your lifestyle while they launch and scale your own Amazon/Walmart online store within Amazon’s terms of service. Their proprietary FBM (fulfillment by merchant) model ships products from the suppliers warehouse to One Up services for premium branding then straight to your customer. Rather than the well-known FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) which ships through Amazon warehouses to consumers in Amazon branding, One Up will upgrade the visual packaging creating an elevated experience for your customers increasing the percentage of returning buyers . 

Another massive benefit of this FBM strategy is that you will never stock or hold inventory, saving your capital and expanding your margins. You pay for inventory ONLY after it’s been paid for by the end consumer. This fully-automated system means an additional revenue stream without the overwhelm of additional work or knowledge needed. 

Whether this is your first additional revenue stream or just another great cash flowing opportunity to add to your portfolio, One Up Services is here to get you started with your own piece of this $5 trillion e-commerce market.

“When people hear about our shipping method that allows them to not have to purchase inventory upfront it’s a no-brainer. It’s not even a sale. This is a gift. It’s truly life changing. -Scott D. VP of Sales


One Up Services is the first e-commerce automation company to implement an FBM model in the automation of Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook Marketplace. They have more control over the products being transported to your end customer by using several strategically located warehouses than the competition does by dropshipping without breaching Amazon, Walmart, or Facebook terms of service. To prevent store suspensions and terminations, which customers of other businesses in this sector have to deal with, they have changed for the benefit of their clients. OneUp saw this huge issue and created a magnificent solution.





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