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August 29 08:18 2022

High-concentration wastewater, such as landfill leachate, chemical wastewater, desulfurization wastewater etc., is extremely harmful to environment. Due to its complex composition and variational water characteristic, the treatment is quite difficult for existing processes and has become a prominent problem in the field of wastewater treatment. Under the pressure of the stringent national policy of reducing pollution and carbon, an efficient and advanced treatment technology is urgently needed.

The mechanical vapor recompression technology is an advanced technology for treating high-concentration wastewater in recent years. The working principle is using a compressor to compress the secondary steam and increase its enthalpy thereby effectively recycling the heat energy of the secondary steam by the electric energy, which achieves high evaporation efficiency.

The I-FLASH MVR evaporator is independently developed by Jiarong, and it is a highly efficient & anti-fouling evaporator for high concentration wastewater.

Wastewater enters the evaporation feed tank. The main circulating pump sends the feed to the main plate heat exchanger(PHE) for forced circulation heating. The feed vaporizes instantly once it reaches the flash separator instead of evaporating at the heating surface. The ultra-high concentrated brine is discharged by the brine pump.

After being compressed by the compressor, the secondary steam from the high-efficiency gas-liquid separator enters the PHE to heat the feed. After that, the secondary steam is condensed and discharged from the system. The non-condensable gas is absorbed by the vacuum pump to get an inner negative pressure, and then the gas is sent to deodorization system for further processing .

Jiarong I-FLASH MVR is outstanding in performance and has several advantages over conventional evaporators.

The evaporation temperature is about 70°C, which greatly improves the quality of condensate and reduces the emission of odor. Additionally, with the low evaporation temperature, the corrosion of material is significantly slowed down and the life of evaporator is extended. Besides, the overflow of odor can be effectively prevented under the negative pressure condition.

With the characteristics of large flow forced circulation and flash evaporation, stronger turbulent flushing is formed in the system. Meanwhile, the separation of heat exchange surface and evaporation surface can greatly reduce the risk of scaling and coking so that reduce the cleaning frequency.

The heat exchange efficiency of high-efficient & anti-fouling PHE adopted is considerably higher compared with conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. High turbulence and high shear force are formed with unique wide flow channel design in the PHE, to get the anti-scaling and anti-fouling capability.

With highly integrated and modular design, compact footprint and few ancillary works are required. The Make to Stock mode is arranged so as to satisfy rapid delivery demand from customers. Furthermore, it takes less than 30 days to complete on-site installation and commissioning.

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