TaniA Kyllikki, an inspiring recording artist, will not be stopped in her tracks

August 29 07:18 2022

A survivor of abuse, as well as being sick since birth. TaniA Kyllikki is unfazed. For years, she has been delighting our ears with her magnificent vocals, which are reminiscent of Whitney and Mariah Carey. Her songs have been composed and written with such grace and dignity, showcasing a variety of different aspects of life. She didn’t gain the respect of the public and then be named “Lyrical Genius” in the press for nothing. She has plenty to say and knows just how to use her God-given powerhouse voice to express herself well.

After years of growth, her YouTube account was stolen. Beautiful covers and originals like the music video for “WHY,” with a strong message to help people who have suffered abuse, are now gone. The next day, Spotify removed TaniA’s album “Why Chapter One” without warning.

Since 2015, when TaniA noticed a high demand, she’s encouraged fans to stream her music on Spotify. The British songbird shared that her team contacted Spotify, who claimed they questioned the album’s success in 183 countries and removed it without warning. But not any of her previous singles that were also featured on the album. Other successful singles like “Remind Me” presented by NeYo are still on Spotify.

The giant platform Spotify, encourages artists and their record labels to market their music as much as possible. TaniA Kyllikki and other artists now face Spotify’s contradictions. Spotify rewards artists monthly and annually, so why punish artists by taking their music down once success is gained?

In a YouTube video posting on her new YouTube channel, TaniA confirmed her team and distributor were not notified. Her team didn’t know the album was pulled until they contacted Spotify. TaniA’s IG and FB stories showed her Spotify 2021 yearly achievement award for 1.3 million single streams in 169 countries before her Jan 2022 debut album release. TaniA also shared the growth in her video.

On her new YouTube, the singer criticised Spotify,

“This slowed me down for a second!” She said, “I was born with a heart defect, I have autoimmune illnesses that require lifelong chemotherapy. I’ve had mini strokes and suffered two life-threatening rounds of COVID that lowered my oxygen levels to the 60s, I survived all that. Am I hurt by this? Yes! Will this stop me? No.”

The singer has suffered alot of heartbreak, from the loss of five babies with her fiancé. And a survivor of past rape and abuse. She shows great strength in her video, smiling keeping in good spirits. She is unfazed by Spotify’s inefficiency removing her album without warning. She is only interested in using the gifts God has given her. Her only mission is to transform her trauma into strength. It brings the singer joy to help inspire and motivate others through her music. Nothing, and no one, will stop this incredible artist in her tracks, not even Spotify.

The heartfelt album, “Why Chapter One,” by a young woman who, simply put, refuses to give up in the face of adversity, has received nothing but glowing reviews since day one. The British over-comer has appeared in a slew of publications, including but not limited to being streamed in a whopping 183 countries, being featured in blogs, radio shows, magazine interviews, and front covers, over the course of nearly a decade. One of the countries moved by TaniA’s album, one song in particular, titled “What If,” was shown to be streamed regularly in Ukraine. Not surprising given that “What If”, as well as other tracks from TaniA’s heartfelt album, were made into lyric videos by a popular YouTuber with millions of viewer’s on their channel. Her lyrics have been posted all over the Internet by her devoted fans.

TaniA’s debut album “Why Chapter One,” is also still available elsewhere, but not on Spotify. Despite her hardships, TaniA is still filled with so much love and positive energy. As her music grows more and more each year, she remains grateful and modest. She thanks God for her accomplishments and supporters. TaniA has touched the hearts of many nations, giving hope to others through her music. Add this to her optimistic, unstoppable spirit that has overcome adversity and enabled her to emerge like a phoenix, not only in her music, but also as a young woman who has endured a great deal of suffering since birth. She is an inspiration to many to never give up.

In addition, this British sweetheart adheres to her word. Already she has created a new YouTube channel and she plans to rise up strong with her brand-new single “H.W.C.”, available in stores since “Friday 26th August 2022,” with a music video on “VEVO” to follow shortly thereafter. “H.W.C., released under “Awe Inspiring Records,” was mixed and mastered by Phil Dust. The lyrics was written by TaniA Kyllikki, and music produced by Garry D. Hairston, aka Rynellton, who is also TaniA’s music manager and fiancé. This beautiful song is available now in all store’s worldwide.

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