GreatWhip Introduces 580 Nitrous Oxide Tank with Ultra-Pure N2O

August 27 12:20 2022
GreatWhip Introduces 580 Nitrous Oxide Tank with Ultra-Pure N2O
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GreatWhip introduces a 580g nitrous oxide tank and regulator. It supports users with more N2O supply to create foamy whipped cream.GreatWhip, a whipped cream charger supplier from China, introduces a 580g nitrous oxide canister whipped cream tank. The idea of releasing this product is to show an alternative that users can use instead of traditional whip cream canisters. The sales representative explained, “Our research and development team keep looking for the best whip cream charger system to produce more cream and foamy cream with great texture and taste. As a result, we introduce the latest nitrous oxide tank that contains 70 times more nitrous oxide than 8g whip cream canisters.”

This product can achieve better performance due to the use of a pressure regulator that can calibrate the working process. The company also fills this product with ultra-pure N2O for more pressure to create a smooth cream. Another thing that makes 580g nitrous oxide tanks is the pressure regulator. It recharges the N2O to ensure that the tanks are always ready to use. The sales representative said, “The team also tries to limit any issues to keep this product durable and safe to use. One of the improvements is by using a high-quality coating. We decided to use this coating to prevent rust on the tank. We hope that users can use this tank longer.”

Rust can also affect the quality of the whipped cream. It changes the taste and smell of the cream. Indeed, the cream is dangerous to consume. 580g nitrous oxide tanks are hot selling in the United States because of the sophisticated system and features. The sales representative clarified, “This product comes with two different options, which are a package with one carton and one regulator and a package with one carton, one regulator, and one dispenser. We expect that these packages can accommodate professional users to create perfect whipped cream as they expect.” The company cares enough about the details of the product. In this case, they use only food-grade materials, such as food-grade steel cylinders.

Despite the parts included in the package, 580g nitrous oxide tanks are straightforward to use. Users only have to connect the pressure regulator to the tank and release the N2O gas from the charger bottle. The company will provide complete instructions to those who want to buy whip cream chargers. It helps a lot for first-time users. The sales representative hopes that this product can be an excellent alternative to create a more professional atmosphere in the kitchen. Indeed, the chef can serve the best meals and the most delicious foamy whipped cream.

GreatWhip is a company that has focused on producing whipped cream chargers for over ten years. 580g Nitrous oxide tank and its regulator are one of their latest products. For more information, please visit

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