Find Answers Beyond This World With Gayle Crosby’s New Book

August 27 04:23 2022
Find Answers Beyond This World With Gayle Crosby’s New Book

The Key is a spiritual book that helps its readers find answers to what the world is. What exists beyond the naked eye and what can one do to achieve those aspects of life? Once we realize that we are divine beings and our connection with the world is far beyond what we can ever imagine, we find purpose in ourselves and it helps us have hope.

It also tells the reader that they as an individual have immense power to act in ways that will bring happiness and further their immense potential with simple steps of effort and analysis. However, one should be well aware of the fact that our actions and thoughts have consequences. Before making any decision one should question whether the step they are about to take will harm them or the people in their surroundings. This will help one becomes more aware of their surroundings and become more spiritually aware of themselves.

Knowing that you matter helps one realize their effect on the world and helps them go forward with others in mind. It promotes humanity. This book helps one realize their individuality as well. You will be able to help yourself without the support of a larger community or the influence of society.

With one action at a time, one can realize how this will affect society as a whole. Humans being more aware of themselves will help shape society and influence them to become better. If the whole world realizes that they matter in this aspect the world would become a better place.

About The Author

Gayle Crosby has been an avid collaborator in society.  She has experienced first-hand that which she shares and applied it practically to family, business, education, religious organizations, and community development.  Having worked for the Walt Disney company for ten years in Public Relations and Marketing, Gayle has the ability to see an expansive vision for those projects whose intentions are to bring true value and harmony to our world. 

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