Youth Football Player, Kaeden Abdallah, Makes Top Defensive Player Of The Orlando Outlaws

August 27 04:10 2022
Kaeden Abdallah has gained attention in the Florida Elite Youth Football League as the top defensive player of the Orlando Outlaws. With pre-season underway, he’s ready to make waves in the world of youth football.

Playing for the 8U group, Kaeden Abdallah is making a name for himself in youth sports. With several years of experience already under his belt, he’s preparing for an all-star season with the Orlando Outlaws. 

Last season, in the spring of this year, Kaeden was the recipient of player of the week and made the top 100 players in his elite league. Known by his followers as BigKae16, he frequently posts impressive footage of his games and practices. Even off-season, he keeps up his training to maintain his edge and keep improving his football game.

Practicing every day

Kaeden Abdallah works hard to ensure he continues to grow as a player. It isn’t just the practices and pre-season training with his team, the Orlando Outlaws, that keeps him sharp and ready for the next game. 

He’s dedicated much of his time to training on his own, even working with a trainer for professional athletes, Zephrin Scott. Even in the brief clips of Kaeden’s training routine, it’s clear how hard he’s willing to work to achieve his goals.

“I’m trying to do better than good enough,” Kaeden says. 

With the determination and drive of players much older than himself, he’s showing the world how dedicated he is to his sport. At only nine years old, he has already outranked many players his age and older in his league.

The Orlando Outlaws

Kaeden Abdallah plays for the Orlando Outlaws and has been a team member for several years. As a team, they are a member of the Florida Elite Youth Football League with top players in youth sports. Kaeden is part of their 8U team, with players as young as he is making up this talented group. 

As a player in the league’s top 100 rankings, Kaeden has his sights set on college football recruitment. Many colleges use this ranking to help determine players with a bright future that they could draft for their teams and schools. With a wide range of youth players, many much older than Kaeden, this is a huge accomplishment and will set him up for success. 

The Florida Elite Youth Football League reiterates the importance of standing out as a star player as soon as possible. Recruitment can begin as early as the first years of high school, and potential players need that recognition in the first three years to ensure recruitment. 


On and off the field, whether during a season or not, Kaeden Abdallah dedicates every free second he can to becoming the best football player possible. As one of the top players in his league and on his team, his efforts are paying off in significantly. 

Nothing will stand in his way as he gives his sport his all and prepares for another exciting season on the Orlando Outlaws. 


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