Leam Creates Paradigm Shift for Creators in the Livestreaming Industry

August 27 02:07 2022
Gated livestreaming app Leam is taking the internet by storm by offering a platform governed by its users. With the livestreaming industry more popular than ever, Leam gives creators a way to monetize their content while building a community.

Leam is a gated livestreaming app, meaning users must pass a paywall to access the content. Creators can decide what that paywall is—subscriptions, NFTs, merchandise sales, and more. Currently, Leam supports paywall integration with Shopify, Gumroad, Rainbow, and Metamask. Leam is only available for iOS devices, but a release for Android is coming soon. 

“As we’re entering the recession, the ads market is shrinking, so creators are seeking alternatives to brand deals,” said Leam CEO Alex Bystrov. “Leam helps them to boost those revenue streams — sell more hoodies, more courses, more digital goods or NFTs by giving fans a glimpse into creator’s world.”

The livestreaming industry is exploding with activity. Current viewership on Twitch is 80 percent higher than its pre-pandemic peak. With such growth potential in the industry, platforms need to provide options to creators.

The Leam Collective

Leam isn’t like the other livestreaming platforms allowing creators a path toward monetization. This app is governed by its users—the Leam Collective. The creators on the app decide which features will be implemented next, creating a paradigm shift in the livestreaming industry. All someone needs to join the Leam Collective is an iPhone and an idea to become a creator for the app. 

The Voices Protocol lets Leam users get rewards for actions that benefit the platform, earn a reputation, vote for new features, and benefit financially as the app grows. Creators receive Creator Cards in their Apple Wallets to get paid as they earn income through Leam.   

“We’re exploring ways to scale the Creator Economy, make it more inclusive and way less extractive – a positive-sum game for everyone, not just a few,” Bystrov said. “It is a place where Creators and Builders play with new ideas, features, and business models for real, earning stakes in the platform by building and growing together.”

Building a Universe

On Leam, a Universe is a series of live rooms and a community chat safeguarded by the monetized gate. Creators can make custom rules for their video clubhouse, setting their livestreaming content as free for all, requiring a subscription, or using whatever they choose to gain access. Rooms can be hosted as needed or scheduled to provide regular live streams for viewers. Creators can also share the stage by inviting guests to their Universe. Chat options are also available before, during, and after live streams. 

Connect with the audience

Leam lets creators cut through the noise of social media by providing a special experience and a way to connect directly with viewers. By forming a deeper connection with subscribers, livestreaming creators can turn their followers into a true community. Leam invites creators to welcome their top fans into their Universes. 

“How someone uses Leam is completely dependent on what they want to achieve. Are you a Creator that’s frustrated with algorithms? Maybe you want to find out who your true supporters are,” Bystrov said. “Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide! The important thing to note is that we see the most success when creators have a solid goal and vision to connect deeper with their audience.”


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