SolderStick Introduces an Innovative Way to Connect Wires

August 27 02:01 2022
SolderStick is an American company offering a range of wire connector products.

Connecting cables is a simple, yet tedious chore most people would rather avoid than do. The current market is oversaturated with flimsy, cheaply-made connectors that the majority of people buy in bulks, dreading the sheer thought of the process in the meantime. 

SolderStick is an American firm that was founded to simplify the process of connecting cables. With an eclectic catalog comprised of various innovative solutions, SolderStick is on a mission to help both amateurs and professionals enjoy the benefits of the latest wire-connecting technologies. 

The company’s menu encompasses a host of unique SolderSticks. From connector sets and kits, over color-coded tubing, to SolderStick’s proprietary terminal block connectors, the company ensured that its clients can find everything they need in one place. 

Waterproof solder connectors are among the latest additions to SolderStick’s catalog. Rated IP67 waterproof and available in a myriad of sizes, these solder connectors are perfect for projects regarding connecting wires on boats, sea scooters, jet skis, and similar naval vehicles. 

For more complex processes and projects that entail connecting dozens of wires in varying sizes, SolderStick’s color coded heat shrinking tubing products are a godsend. Featuring multiple colors and being available in sets from 8 to 164 pieces, the company’s shrink tubing sticks have been an invaluable help to hundreds of American handymen. 

Darren, a verified buyer of SolderStick’s color coded heat shrinking tubing imparted the following:

“These made wiring up a harness quick and super-clean! As someone who has always used solder and electrical tape, this was a major improvement both time and organization-wise. Grab a heat gun, wrap up easily in tesa tape, and you’re done,” said Darren. 

SolderStick has another revolutionary offering – the proprietary Push-In Terminal Block Wire Connector. It is available in five variations, covering suitability for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 8 holes. Additionally, customers can purchase a set of 10, 30, 50, or 100 Push-In terminal block wire connectors on SolderStick’s official website.  

SolderStick’s Eyelets Connector Sets are among the company’s best-selling items for a reason. Three hundred pieces of quality-made solder rings conveniently packaged in separate compartments, the Eyelets sets ensure secure crimping while being plain enough to be used by beginners. 

The Spade Connectors Kit is comprised of 400 sturdy, easy-to-use connectors that are as easy to install as they are easy to disconnect. What separates SolderStick’s spade connectors from contemporary alternatives is the combination of premium thermal conductivity and corrosion & vibration-resistant construction. 

The company’s full catalog features a range of other products, including T Tap wire connectors, Speakon Connector wiring, wire connector kits, and more. With an “Excellent” rating of 4.5/5 stars on TrustPilot, SolderStick has proven its quality of service resonated well with innumerable customers. 

SolderStick products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, are made of top-tier materials, and come with free shipping worldwide. 

More information about SolderStick is available on the firm’s official website.

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