Vert launches a game-changing app where users can build their website, track, and manage business

July 05 00:28 2022

Vert’s innovative tool enables entrepreneurs and business managers to build, track, and manage every part of their business. It allows businesses to organize all their important tasks and goals in one place.

Vert has unveiled a game-changing app that allows businesses to stay on top of tasks and appointments by allowing them to create, track, and manage tasks that are important to nurturing their customer relationships.

“Business managers have more important things to do than learn how to code or design. That’s where Vert comes into the picture. It provides a unique platform that enables users to fill in the blanks for a pixel-perfect website that will work everywhere,” says Vert founder Stuart Triglone.

Vert allows users to easily track all their enquiries. Every enquiry they receive is captured and tracked by the platform. This means no more missed opportunities or broken promises.

In addition, Vert provides a creative space where entrepreneurs and business owners can manage their leads in one place. Through Vert, they can record new leads, track their sales journey, view all communication history, and much more. 

“Running a business means bearing a constant onslaught of tasks and juggling numerous – sometimes competing – priorities. Staying organized, laser-focused, and sane is tough for every business owner. Vert aims to help individuals manage their businesses with convenience to achieve growth,” says Triglone.

Managers serving as the technical brains of the business and wanting more control, Triglone adds, can turn to Vert to easily build custom blocks for their websites. They need not drag things all over the place or copy and paste bits of code to get a Vert website looking good. Users can create pages easily by stacking together pre-designed Blocks. 

“Designed and built in Sydney and Darwin, Australia, Vert is an industry game-changer where entrepreneurs, business people, and other users can build their website, track, and manage their businesses with ease,” explains Stuart Triglone.

Triglone, the founder of Vert, has been obsessed with technology since he was a kid and now makes a living doing something that is so fulfilling. He is addicted to technology, fanatical about startups, and spends the rest of the time living healthy, riding motorcycles, and flying anything that generates lift.

“I am passionate about exploring new ways to solve problems by using software and questioning convention and thrive on taking projects from an initial concept to a fully operational business. Vert exemplifies how we can utilize technology to grow businesses,” says Triglone.

Individuals can get their own all-access pass to Vert’s entire platform, including the website builder, customer, inventory, catalogue, lead, and enquiry management services, completely free and unlimited for 14 days.

Those interested may create an account and sign up right away by visiting the website. Others who wish to learn more about Vert may check its social channels for more information.

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