Creative Bioarray Develops Viable Methods to Support Stem Cell Generation

June 30 22:40 2022
Creative Bioarray announced the release of its viable and cost-effective methods to support pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) generation.

New York, USA – June 30, 2022 – Creative Bioarray, one of the top world’s leading biotechnology products and services providers, is dedicated to accelerating the research in the field of cell therapy, oncology, and pharmaceuticals with cutting-edge platforms and experienced professionals. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its viable and cost-effective methods to support pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) generation.

iPSCs are powerful tools for many developmental or disease-related applications. Because they can be “made” from a person’s own skin or blood, reprogramming could provide a source of patient-specific, genetically identical cells that won’t be rejected by the immune system. iPSCs can help scientists further identify developmental mechanisms or disease pathogenesis. Human iPSC-derived cells can serve as new human disease models for in vitro drug screening and toxicity studies. Patient-specific iPSC-derived cells may be useful in assessing the effect of drugs on individual genomic differences.

In addition, iPSCs also have great potential to be new tools for regenerative medicine, such as for the treatment of degenerative diseases, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and many cardiovascular diseases. They can serve as a source of renewable material for the production of therapeutic cells for transplantation. Because they can be derived from any individual, iPSCs can be used to generate autologous therapeutic cells for transplantation to replace damaged or diseased cells.

The iPSC generation service workflows supported by Creative Bioarray include: donor cell recovery, passaging, initial testing and storage, cell reprogramming using a non-integrated, zero-footprint system, iPSC colony picking, expansion and cryopreservation, iPSC characterization, iPSC QC testing was established prior to release. Creative Bioarray achieves almost 100% reprogramming rate by optimizing the protocol, the passage ratio of iPSC is about 1:15~20, and a large number of cell banks can be established. Samples were derived from skin fibroblasts, PBMC, CD34+ cord blood, LCL, hair follicles and more starting cell samples.

Creative Bioarray offers feasible and various integration- and feeder-free methods, including free characterization assays such as ICC, karyotyping (G-banding), teratoma formation assays, and RT-PCR for pluripotent gene expression, TaqMan hiPSC scorecard analysis.

“As an experienced and outstanding iPSC generation service provider, we are committed to utilizing our extensive experience and advanced platform to provide high-quality data and comprehensive services for your research.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “We provide our clients with a variety of iPSC research materials to suit their various needs. For special needs, we also have the ability to provide customized solutions.”

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