0-220K on TikTok in 5 Months: How Sam Despo became one of Australia’s top 15 marketers

December 28 20:21 2021
From sharing digital marketing tips on TikTok to establishing Pulp Digital, a digital marketing agency, Sam Despo is carving out the next phase for digital advertising.

Social media marketing has taken up a considerable part of marketing and advertising over the past couple of years. The shift has seen to the growth of eCommerce and widespread adoption of digital media for businesses. As the digital transformation takes shape, Sam Despo saw an opportunity in an unlikely place, TikTok.

When TikTok first came about, it was famed as a GenZ platform that businesses and brands could not leverage. Now, it has become one of the key social media platforms that people go to for marketing and advertising information. Seeing and seizing this opportunity, Sam Despo began creating TikTok videos that offer digital marketing tips. Within five months, he’d gone from an entirely new account to amassing over 220,000 followers. The engagement on his content was also off the roof.

Sam Despo then immersed himself into the world of digital marketing, growing his brand online and establishing a marketing agency, Pulp Digital. His explosive growth on TikTok showed him that there is a need for digital and social media marketing information, especially for the TikTok audience. His account is now among the top TikTok marketing accounts.

Pulp Digital is a leader in critical areas of digital marketing, video content, social ads, and email marketing for eCommerce. “Put simply; we are here to help connect your e-commerce business with new customers through smarter digital strategies.” The agency was created to help businesses scale through digital marketing. Sam Despo explains that done right, digital marketing can transform any business into a life changing venture. 

In 2021, Sam Despo was awarded as one of the top 15 marketers in Australia. Most famously known as brains behind the iconic Volley collaborations with Victoria Bitter (VB), Vegemite and Bunnings. He explains that with the continually changing landscape, marketing is now about brand positioning and engaging your core audience, which he has mastered.

The omnichannel approach he employs with Pulp Digital has provided the much-needed strategy and advertising expertise that brands require for growth. His extensive experience in the small, medium and large businesses across industries has also positioned him for growth.

“Our approach is unique, and we are continually looking to challenge the traditional philosophies of marketing. The landscape of digital marketing is changing rapidly, and Pulp is at the forefront of this movement.”

TikTok has a growing community of marketing partners – These are individuals and companies with knowledge and expertise in various respects. Sam Despo is now an official TikTok partner. His content has been verified as engaging, inspirational, and valuable to the TikTok community. Through this partnership, Sam hopes to reach more people and open their eyes to the incredible world of social media marketing by providing tips to navigate it. He also hopes to continue learning and building his expertise in marketing and advertising.

Being in the digital marketing space has taught Sam the importance of being resourceful. He explains that finding opportunities in the most unlikely place is what digital strategists do. Choosing TikTok as his platform of choice for his digital marketing wisdom was a deliberate decision, one that was informed by his in-depth study of the market. 

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