23-year-old Businessman Abdelali Atik Makes Headway In The Digital Marketing Industry

December 27 20:48 2021
Following Success Of Businesses Across The Middle East, Young Entrepreneur Continues To Flourish In The Digital Marketing Industry

23-year-old businessman Abdelali Atik is bent on carving out his own space in the digital marketing industry after creating more than 25 active applications on both Apple Store and PlayStore.

Apart from owning several companies in Dubai and many other areas in the Middle East, Ali is the owner of SPLITEMARKET LLC, his latest company that is making waves in the global market.

Ali has entered the Internet industry at a very young age. He learned to play computer games at the age of 10 and, three years later, began to learn programming languages.

“Learning programming at a very young age somehow gave me a competitive advantage. Programming and coding are both a crucial part of operations in all types of business, especially now with the COVID-19 pandemic pushing businesses to move online,” shared Ali.

He adds, “The demand for tech-based jobs is on the rise and is definitely higher than ever, and it has helped me stand out from the crowd.”

At the age of 16, Ali took his programming and other technology-related skills to the next level by creating phone applications. He entered into competition with several companies. The young expert has become only the second in the world to clean phones under the phone cleaning category.

Two years later, Ali entered the world of e-commerce, the buying and selling of services and goods over the internet, as well as e-marketing, which is the marketing of those services and products by using the World Wide Web.

“As the online retail sector thrives, entrepreneurs should not just sit back and relax. They need to stay on top of statistics and industry trends. Going into the e-commerce market really defined my soft and hard skills and solidified my track in e-commerce technology” shared Ali.

Ali said he worked very hard to become victorious by combining his programming and entrepreneurial skills. This led him to create a successful and sustainable eCommerce platform.

In fact, the young businessman’s online store received more than 1,850 purchases on Black Friday in 2017. Black Friday is the biggest retail sales in the United States, held on the last Thursday of November.

Ali said his team has ramped up efforts to deliver a wide range of products coupled with the best customer experience to come out on top during the 24-hour online shopping event.

This pushed him to lead the pack in the digital marketing industry, with many of his clients commending him for his strategic and proactive approach to scaling businesses.

Ali is known for helping his clients better restructure their businesses by implementing new strategies for digital advertising.

He looks forward to more collaborative projects with entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses online.

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