Steven Agatep Brings A New Approach To Reducing The Income Disparity In America

December 27 17:48 2021
Founder of Your Passion Profits, Steven Agatep demonstrates the power of online business.

Steven Agatep is the founder of multiple online businesses including Your Passion Profits which is aiming to stop the growing income disparity in America and abroad.

From drop shipping, affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, digital agencies and creating his own online courses, Steven has amassed an incredible amount of experience and insight over his 7+ years in online marketing.

He is now pulling back the curtain and teaching his years of knowledge to all walks of life. Focusing on those who are in a similar situation as he was. Busy working a 9 to 5 job in a career he didn’t have a passion for and felt limited by his lack of education. Yet wanted to live a life of financial and time freedom with the ability to spend and enjoy more time with his family.

Data sourced from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the more education an individual has the more income they make while less likely to experience unemployment. Those without a college degree make on average $40K a year while those with a doctorate degree average more than 6 figures.

To close this income gap, Steven aims to bring the power of online business to anybody willing to listen and interested in a better financial future to spend time doing the things they enjoy. He knows that not everybody is made out for formal education or may not have the financial resources to pay for college.

More than $1 trillion dollars are spent online every year and that continues to grow. With a low barrier or cost to entry, many online entrepreneurs like Steven are going after this booming market and he is teaching his methods as part of Your Passion Profits.

Steven believes everybody should be given the opportunity to earn 6-figures or more doing something they are passionate about, despite education or demographic. That opportunity exists online.

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