Minded Spirit Brings A Sense of Calm and Balance With Bespoke Crystal Jewelries

December 23 19:27 2021
Crystal jewelry brings energies that empower, protect, and heal.

Crystals are vessels of energies that embody histories of the distant past. Since ancient times, they’ve been used in rituals to manifest the earth’s healing energy. Wearing one empowers users to achieve a balanced state of being. US-based crystal jewelry brand Minded Spirit puts healing crystals at its core to open a magical haven of positivity, minded living, and calm.

Minded Spirit’s selection of masterfully handcrafted crystal jewelry is designed to channel positive energy and support the intentions of its wearer. When charged with energy, they serve as dynamic manifestation tools that bring radical transformation in one’s life journey.

Each crystal is unique and serves specific purposes. Some gemstones provide calming waves, like aquamarine, and others, bring feelings of clarity and restoration like the amethyst and agate. Some crystals also inspire self-confidence, like the aventurine and the kyanite.

Minded Spirit’s comprehensive collection of gemstones is artfully embedded in jewelry pieces to serve the right purpose, state of mind, and spirit. The collection includes amethyst, rose quartz, aquamarine, black tourmaline, and rhodonite.

Minded Spirit’s dedication to spreading positive vibes also extends to the environment. The brand pledges to plant one tree for every product purchased to restore healthy forests and heal Mother Nature.

Explore Minded Spirit’s selection of crystal jewelry here: https://www.mindedspirit.com/.

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