BabyLum Makes Parenting Lighter and More Enjoyable with Kid-Friendly Products

December 22 21:18 2021
This online retail shop offers safe, useful, and effective products that are helpful to parents.

Raising another human being who will always be dependent on someone for at least the first decade of his/her life is something exciting and challenging at the same time. Especially for first-time parents, parenting can be tiring and sometimes confusing, but the joy it brings is incomparable.

BabyLum helps make parenting fun and easy with its offerings. BabyLum is an online retail shop that offers babies’ and children’s items that are effective and helpful to parents. These items are good for those who wish to have more time to enjoy with their children than dealing with tiny issues and concerns such as safety, comfort, and convenience.

BabyLum items are carefully curated by BabyLum owners Sharon and Gerald, who, by experience, know how challenging parenting is and how confusing it is to distinguish which items are useful for babies and children, and which ones are just nice-to-haves.

“We established BabyLum as a venue where we can share our learnings while we were raising our children—from parenting ideas to products that can improve parenting life,” shared Sharon. “We do not want other parents to experience what we had. We bought a lot of stuff for our babies and children that turned out to be just nice-to-haves. At BabyLum, we guarantee that each item is a must-have and will help lighten the parents’ load even for just a bit.”

Among BabyLum’s items are creative dinnerware, plates, hangers, medical storage box, and picnic blankets. BabyLum’s best-sellers are baby rearview car mirrors and 16-piece stainless steel kids’ utensils.

BabyLum’s dinnerware and plates are made from either bamboo or stainless steel and are safe for toddlers. They are specially designed to entice little eaters to finish their food. BabyLum hangers are specifically made for small clothes to fit in their baby cabinets. The medical storage box, on the other hand, is complete with built-in compartments inside to organize all the medicines, topicals, and plasters; while the picnic blanket is made with soft, durable, easy-to-clean, and carry material that can fit the entire family.

The baby rearview mirror is what Gerard considers a lifesaver because it helps a parent drive safely alone with a baby. It is easy and quick to install without any tools. The mirror is included in the BabyLum 4 Essential Baby Car Mirror Bundle Set. The set also has a baby on board sign, a pair of clingless sunshades, and a car seat kick mat organizer.

The cutlery set, meanwhile, may be brought on its website or on Amazon, so parents do not have to worry about their children using utensils from the restaurants. It is also environmentally friendly as it is reusable and a better option instead of using disposable utensils. Feedback for Babylum’s kiddie-sized stainless steel utensils has endorsed its quality and functionality. Individuals who bought the utensils rave about their children’s satisfaction in using the product. They also agree that it helps develop their motor skills.

All BabyLum bundles are available online through its website. The company ships anywhere in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

About BabyLum

BabyLum offers safe, useful, and convenient items for babies and children. Founded and managed by parents themselves, BabyLum provides parenting ideas and products to help parents enjoy their journey and cherish their experience while raising their little ones.

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