Fun, Educational Children’s Book Instills Love and Wonder For The Fascinating Wildlife

December 22 20:48 2021
The book shows young readers that nature exists so close to their everyday lives but often remains unseen.

Authors Press announces the release of author John M. Regan’s adventure-filled new children’s book, “Let’s See What’s Under There!: A Child’s Colorful Guide to theFascinating World Just Under Your Feet-and Within Arm’s Reach!”

Let’s See What’s Under There!” is primarily geared towards a younger audience, but parents and grandparents may enjoy using it as a guide to take their children on a nature excursion. There is no need to go great distances to see exotic animals; they are just in one’s backyard. The book details precisely where and how to find them.

“It’s good for younger children to read but also for parents and grandparents to share with their kids and grandkids. They can then take them out in the backyard and go on a wildlife adventure right there. It’s so amazing the things you can find if you look a little bit closer. You can look at a little flower and turn it over. All of a sudden, a crab spider comes out. You didn’t know it was there. Salamanders, little frogs in many different places — and that’s really what inspired this book,” shared Regan.

Regan is a retired Army soldier born with a passion for wildlife. He has watched, photographed and written about animals in various locations throughout the world. His observations of Afghanistan’s reptiles and amphibians have been turned into several zoological books and scientific manuscripts.

He has also worked as a professional and volunteer in zoos, which he continues to do today. He received a Letter of Appreciation from the mayor of Seoul for his work with the elephants at the Seoul Zoo in Korea. He currently resides in Washington State and is active in wildlife observation, photography and public presentations of his work. The author was featured in the USA Today Newspaper and CBS Radio People of Distinction by Benji Cole.

When asked about why he wrote a book instead of just keeping a journal of his findings, Regan replied, “Another thing that I was born to do is to write. I’ve written a couple of other books as well — first fiction and non-fiction. I wrote reptiles and amphibians in Afghanistan. And it’s much more a feeling of completion. Once you’ve done that and have a record of it and you can share it with people, it’s just a feeling of achievement as well. It’s hard to stop once you have that in your heart. You want to write.”

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“Let’s See What’s Under There!” are available in paperback and e-book formats. They are distributed at Authors Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers.

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