Mont Belvieu Family Wellness Optimizes Health for Patients with Chronic Health Problems

December 21 13:46 2021
Giving hope to people with chronic pain and neurological disorders who have tried everything

Mont Belvieu, TX – Decemeber 21, 2021 – Mont Belvieu Family Wellness is now accepting new patients in the Mont Belvieu, Texas area. Dr. Anthony Garbs, DC and staff are excited to offer advanced care for patients suffering from chronic pain, severe brain and gut health problems. Their practice offers the latest protocols in Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine to help optimize mobility and decrease pain for patients.

“I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with Dr. Garbs and his team!! He is very knowledgeable and can answer any question you have! Within the 1st month of seeing him, I finally had a whole day pain free for the 1st time in 4 years!” – Justin Hilbrich

Although there has been an increase in preventive care and people seeing alternative practitioners such as Chiropractors and Functional Medicine Doctors, Neurological Diseases continue to be the largest cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study, 2015. That is why doctors, like Dr. Garbs are taking the initiative to learn more about Functional Neurology and offer integrative healthcare solutions in their practices.

Dr. Garbs provides a unique and innovative approach for patients who have seen several doctors, and have gotten little to no results. Each patient receives a custom protocol that is a reflection of their Neurological Exam:

● A thorough Neurological Exam helps you and your doctor to identify irregularities or imbalances that are causing discomfort and pain in your body.

● The patient takes an active role in the exam as the doctor asks questions, listens actively and runs tests to assess neurological and brain functionality which influence the length of their program.

● Each patient is given a Trusted Advisor Booklet prior to leaving the office that helps to educate them on simple and effective changes they can start making immediately to improve quality of life.

By establishing a synergistic relationship from the beginning, patients are empowered to take responsibility for their own health. Dr. Garbs has been practicing for over 17 years and specializes in corrective chiropractic care, functional medicine, pediatrics, and pregnancy care.

“I was referred to Dr. Garbs by my orthopedic back surgeon. I had a herniated disc in my L4 vertebrae. It was painful to walk and stand up straight. Dr. Garbs’ office did trigger point therapy injections, showed me how to do physical therapy stretches for that area, and chiropractic adjustments. They completely healed my back.” Jenny Howard

If you’re ready to better understand what’s going on with your body, a Neurological exam is a great place to start. You can learn more by visiting: or calling (281) 385-1800

At Mont Belvieu Family Wellness our goal is to provide the highest quality of multidisciplinary health care. We pride ourselves on delivering timely, professional, effective and efficient services to our patients.

Dr. Garbs grew up in Crosby Texas. He played baseball in high school and suffered an injury that lead him to see a local chiropractor. He was fascinated with the chiropractic profession and decided he wanted to go to chiropractic college. He established Mont Belvieu Family Wellness in 2004 and has proudly been serving Mont Belvieu and surrounding areas for over 17 years.

Dr. Garbs received advanced training at the Barlow Brain & Body Institute, taught by Dr. Andy Barlow, DC, DACNB, FACFN an expert in Functional Neurology.

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