Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Academy Opens The First Martial Arts School In The Metaverse

December 21 12:36 2021
The digital dojo was built by 8th Degree Black Belt, Master Segarra, and will allow students to leverage augmented reality technology to virtually practice drills, workout, and learn meditation techniques

December 21st, 2021 – Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Academy is pleased to announce that it has opened the first martial arts school in the digital metaverse. The digital martial arts academy is an exact replica of Warrior Scholar’s physical academy and features a digital dojo that will allow students to practice drills, work out, and learn meditation techniques, using a Virtual Reality headset like an Oculus/Meta Quest.

Built by an 8th-degree black belt, Master Segarra, the new digital martial arts academy was created to break the distance barrier, allowing its current students and everyone else interested in martial arts to train and develop their skills right from the comfort of their home.

“I created a replica of our real physical location. Our students can pop in, punch a virtual heavy bag, hit some mitts, or learn to meditate. It’s an amazing technology. However, nothing replaces actual reality and real training. This is just an interesting augmentation. I’m excited to see where this goes.”

Master Segarra who boasts of over 43 years of experience in training was approached by Facebook (now known as Meta) to be part of the company’s beta program for their Horizon Worlds metaverse. The full-time martial arts instructor was also on the U.S.A martial arts team in Seoul Korea and has built numerous virtual worlds for Facebook’s (Metas) new Horizon Worlds program.

Speaking on the impact the new digital academy will have on martial arts in general, Master Segarra says he believes that virtual reality will greatly improve the art and make it easily accessible to more people who will no longer be restricted by location. 

“Eventually this technology can be a fantastic enhancement to martial arts training. Imagine putting on a headset and experiencing a real self-defense scenario then taking off the headset and practicing it with a partner, or teaching kids stranger danger in the safety of their own home. Police departments are starting to do just that. The possibilities are endless.”

About Warrior Scholar Martial Arts Academy

Warrior-Scholar Martial Arts Academy, also known as the Five Towns Karate Center, is a martial training institute dedicated to teaching men, women, teens, and children ways to live safer lives through its unique martial arts program. Located at 298 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence, New York, the martial arts academy has been in operation since 1968 and has since trained several generations of students, instilling discipline, confidence, and other qualities required to boost their self-esteem and help them grow into capable sound-minded capable individuals.

Video link: https://vimeo.com/658611849/ee435139e0

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