Discusses Getting Advice from a Personal Injury Attorney Salt Lake City Utah

December 21 01:00 2021 Discusses Getting Advice from a Personal Injury Attorney Salt Lake City Utah

Personal injuries occur to people almost anywhere at any time, and people who are involved in them should know a few things about the laws regarding personal injury cases. A personal injury attorney helps many clients get through the grueling process of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Many factors must be kept in mind when deciding to file a personal injury lawsuit, and here are some factors from an informative post to know about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

What to Know About Personal Injury Lawsuits in Utah 

The first thing that should be considered about a personal injury lawsuit is the statute of limitations, which tells a person how long he or she has to file the lawsuit. In Utah, this time limit is four years from the date of the incident or injury, otherwise, the claimant may lose an opportunity to be heard in civil court. As well, the opportunity to be awarded compensatory damages for what happened in the personal injury will also be gone. Claimants should realize that according to, it will be hard to get that lawsuit back on the court docket.

About Personal Injury Law Firms in Utah 

Personal injury cases are so plentiful in many states like Utah and law firms are eager to team up with lawyers with proven experience to help them take advantage of these opportunities. For example, Gravis Law, PLLC Adds Leading Utah Practice to Team based out of North Orem; Expands Suite of Services into Salt Lake City Area with Principal Attorney to capitalize on attorneys and law firms that will enhance their practice. When a potential claimant is looking for a personal injury attorney with a proven track record of winning, he or she should research and see what law firms retain these successful lawyers.

More About Personal Injury Law Firms

A potential claimant will also want to consider an attorney or law firm that has a wide range of services available. A claimant in the Salt Lake City area should talk to a law firm such as Valiente Mott. This will be useful to know when claimants consider that Utah is a state that observes the 50 percent rule when it comes to the modified comparative fault element. This means that if the claimant is found to be 50 percent or more at fault for the accident, no damages can be awarded.

Final Things to Consider About Personal Injury Cases in Utah 

Potential claimants should keep in mind that if a Utah government agency is involved, the rules change regarding the filing of the personal injury lawsuit. The claimant has only one year to file the lawsuit in a civil court, and one year to file an appeal if the initial claim should be denied. It is very important to know all these factors when the decision has been made to go forward with a personal injury lawsuit anywhere in the State of Utah.

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